Nourishing Brown Mask Peel

This is a custom compounded order that will be shipped out from Dec 26 2023 onwards.


[30g] sufficient for 3 mask peels- once a week application

An Aquaporin-Rich Peel for All Skin Types 

with Lessonia nigrescens

Dermatologist Prescription Series  

Nature’s Aquaporin Peel with Lessonia nigrescens 

A Bioactive Mask Peel for Skin Resilience

100% Botanical Mask With Proprietary Preservative-Free Extraction Method

[Paeonia Lactiflora] [Ampelopsis Japonica]

[Poria Cocos] [Atractyloides Macrocephala]

[Bletilla Striata] [Glycyrrhiz Auralensis]

[Cyanchum Atratum]

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[Aquaporin Upregulation] Intensive Barrier Repair

[Adaptogenic Properties] Resilience

[Anti-inflammatory] Calms Redness & Sensitivity