Best Microcurrent Facial Device: Your Key to Glowing Skin

Pearl EMS Microcurrent Facial Device
The PEARL EMS microcurrent facial device is part of the Dermatologist Tools suite of at-home facial devices modelled after clinic facial technologies. This model may just be the best microcurrent facial device for home use, both price and function wise. It has a very well made, sophisticated exterior that is as durable as it is presentable. A must have for your 2022 vanity table wish list. It offers clinic-grade microcurrent technology in a pearl finish, at a competitive price of $449, it may well outshine its competitors price-wise with its solid functions.

Are you looking for the best microcurrent facial device for your home facial needs?

Microcurrent facials have been raved about by celebrity aestheticians. They are also used as adjunct therapy for face lifting and toning for clinic medifacials. This article seeks to break down the science behind the technology of microcurrent treatments and how it improves your skin. If your 2022 resolution is to have brighter, smoother and more lifted skin, consider home devices under our dermatologist tools suite. We cover the best features to look out for in any home microcurrent facial device, so you can make the best value for money purchase.

The home skincare devices market is burgeoning. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped self-care, as many put off visiting clinics and salons and prefer home skincare regimens. The Dermatologist Tools Suite of home devices by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals serves to bridge the gap between at-home and in-clinic facial treatments. The Blade-style Sonic Cleanser Device and the PEARL EMS Microcurrent Device offers portable and efficient alternatives for DIY at-home facials based off actual in-clinic treatment prototypes. 

Instant Facial Sculpting

While skincare products and many home devices do have skin benefits with continued usage, few can compare in terms of the fast, almost instantaneous results that a microcurrent facial can provide. Notice how your skin looks instantly more radiant after workout? That is because of the increased micro circulation as well as stimulation of the skin cell’s powerhouse- the mitochondria. Microcurrent does that precisely and at a cellular level, directly increasing microcirculation. Microcurrent also enhances cell energy known as ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate. This is a home facial device that can give your facial skin an instant workout, lifting and tightening it as it stimulates the different layers of your skin.            

Why you might want to consider microcurrent as your top choice anti ageing facial device?

When one mentions home facial devices, the first that comes to mind may be handheld LED light devices radiating red, blue, yellow and even purple light. There are also competing models of home facial devices that offer a LED mask design, even with eye-protection. However, you may be disappointed to know that in dermatology clinics, LED light therapy for photobiological stimulation effects use large industrial sized machines to deliver the amount of energy required for actual benefits.

Besides, in the clinical setting, the duration of treatment is at least half an hour to an hour. We also must perform the treatment on a weekly basis. Apart from being time-consuming, the treatment is also slow to work. Eye protection is imperative, as LED lights can cause retinal damage if used without eye protection. This was the reason why Neutrogena recalled their prototype LED light face mask. There were reports of possible retinal damage linked to the use of these home devices. 

Microcurrent facial devices on the other hand, are a new, effective way to have a flash home facial in record time. In dermatology and aesthetic clinics that offer instant facial sculpting, clinic assistants and aestheticians use these devices for treatment as it is safe and requires no special training. The at-home microcurrent facial can complete in 3 minutes or less following our guide for the PEARL EMS Microcurrent facial device.

How does microcurrent facial treatment work to tighten skin?

Microcurrent itself is actually electric current. The difference between microcurrent and what is flowing through our electricity lines is really the level that is programmed to mimic the body’s natural bioelectric currents. Electrons enter into the skin cells, energizing and stimulating cellular repair. Specifically, microcurrent facial devices can target cell energy. Many skincare products have been formulated to have active ingredients that can rejuvenate skin cells. These work on the level of the skin cell powerhouses known as the mitochondria. At a cell level, this is about increasing ATP. ATP itself energizes skin cells. We can think of ATP as the fuel for our skin cells to function at its optimum. Microcurrent itself has been observed to have several positive effects on skin. These effects include microcurrent facial devices stimulating collagen production for aging skin. 

A Microcurrent Facial Device that can get rid of wrinkles

EMS Device with Microsphere Tech
The bipolar design of the PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial toner is based on MICROSPHERE TECH that enhances maximal conductivity for the best home microcurrent facial device experience. It is made of durable ABS/zinc alloy that comes with a 1-year warranty on faults, although it is expected to last much longer with good care according to the device instructions. For a year of daily microcurrent facials, this adds up to just $1.20 per full microcurrent facial, complete with the FREE dermatologist formulated 360° Amino Acid Gel Masque that comes with your purchase. 

We understand that microcurrent facials actually directly anti-ages the skin. Injectable anti wrinkle treatments like botox and other toxin injections, on the other hand, are temporarising measures that relax facial muscles leading to disuse atrophy. Conventional anti-wrinkle treatments last only for 6 months. Microcurrent therapy is different because it can directly treat and prevent skin wrinkles by targeting skin physiology. It is a useful accompaniment to in-clinic injectables. Beyond that, we can also use the therapy on its own to start treating any level of aging. The therapy can also have a cumulative effect, fighting daily stressors that cause oxidative stress. 

Total Anti-Ageing Device 

In order to better understand the aging process, we may think of the structure of skin to be in layers. The epidermis and the dermis is what is responsible for the visible changes of aging. This is in terms of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging. Also, this involves deeper structures such as the SMAS layer (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) as well as the loss of fats. Many factors including the activity of muscles all contribute to the overall three dimensional structure. The movement of the facial muscles also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the ageing face. This is why microcurrent treatment on a regular (weekly basis at-Home with a Microcurrent facial device) is an efficient way to stimulate collagen production on a regular basis. This results in a natural looking result. 

Anti-wrinkle treatments in the clinic such as toxins, Botox and fillers work in a “two dimensional mode” in a sense. This is because these treatments temporarily reverse the photoaging signs of wrinkles and loss of volume. These effects however vanish after six months. Hyaluronic acid fillers are completely resorbed into the deeper layers of skin after that period. Apart from that, it does not encourage your body to naturally repair itself. That is why we consider CO2 fractional laser resurfacing to be the gold standard accompanying treatment with botox injections, as it helps to stimulate collagen production to have sustained anti-wrinkle properties.

A Home Anti-wrinkle Microcurrent Facial Device that encourages cell repair

The benefit of microcurrent therapy is really that it can energize your very own skin cells to do the anti aging work for you. That is truly anti-aging because it targets the skin’s physiological processes. Microcurrent facial devices are also convenient because it does not require trained personnel to administer it. In fact, it is safe and effective. You can use it in the comfort of your own home. It is also highly portable. We specifically design the PEARL EMS microcurrent facial device to have a dual function benefit in a portable palm sized device that is USB chargeable. 

Amino Acid Masque with EMS Device
The PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device is designed to deliver all the benefits of an in-clinic microcurrent facial in a home facial device in a safe and effective manner.It is beautiful, easy to maintain and comes with a charging USB dock.

The first important function is the microcurrent therapy itself which stimulates collagen production. This can lead to improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. This also reduces skin sagging. Most importantly it results in good facial definition. 

A Beautiful Face may not be aesthetically perfect or flawless but it is always sculpted

Face Sculpting with EMS Device
The PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device is designed to be easily used for lay persons at home to target the 3 major regions for facial sculpting and toning. This gives facial definition and a lifted appearance instantly because of the direct effect on facial muscles and collagen production. While skincare products need to be used consistently over at least 6 weeks for it to alter the skin physiology, microcurrent as a physical method directly rejuvenates the skin cells for an instant effect. This also translates into visibly brighter skin.

Facial definition is not about filling up parts of your face so that you have more volume. Volume is only applicable for individuals who have severe fat loss in their face. Rather, we want a toned and energized-looking face. This is what microcurrent therapy can do for you that injectables cannot. HIFU is also an effective way for facial sculpting. However, we can only safely use the technology in a clinic setting and we cannot effectively harness it for the home device market. 

If you are already doing injectables such as fillers and toxins, which are giving you good results, consider improving your outcome by introducing a home microcurrent facial. It is best to combine this as an at home treatment device because what fillers and toxins do not do is to teach your cells how to produce more collagen. Microcurrent directly improves the quality of your skin at the deeper layers rather than just the epidermis and dermis. 

Dermatologist Viewpoint

According to Dr. Teo Wan Lin, accredited Singapore dermatologist and chief scientific officer of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, “Specifically, the contours of the face resulting in an aesthetically beautiful appearance is always related to bone structure. Interestingly, injectables are not particularly designed to enhance definition. Consider the cheekbones and the jaw line for example. These are critical parts of an individual’s facial structure that determines how well they age.”

Microcurrent can sculpt your face

What microcurrent therapy does is that even if you’re not genetically blessed with a great facial bone structure, it can train your skin cells into producing more cell energy to actively tighten and lift. Microcurrent is a great facial toner device. Imagine what benefits you can achieve if you can use it in the comfort of your home as part of your daily routine. 

Microcurrent Facial Device Benefits

Microcurrent facials have been raved about but what exactly makes it a great at-home facial device as well? If you currently use a LED facial device and can only make time for one, should you switch your existing home facial device to microcurrent technology? Read on for our analysis of why this may be the best microcurrent facial device to get this new year. 

Skincare benefits of Microcurrent Facials

In the dermatology research setting, microcurrent shows itself to accelerate all three phases of wound repair on skin. Specifically, inflammation, proliferation, then granulation. As an anti-ageing device, microcurrent facial devices are extremely helpful not just for anti aging, but also for those who suffer from acne scars. This is because microcurrent therapy itself is able to increase blood circulation, specifically microcirculation which is responsible for blood supply to the skin. Microcurrent technology increases cell talk between the important structures and accelerates wound healing. 

Microcurrent facials for acne scars

When you have acne scars, what you need to do also is to try to accelerate wound healing. Acne scars go through 3 phases of wound healing. Firstly, post-inflammatory erythema, which is redness. Hyperpigmentation follows after the redness. This stage is what we call post-inflammation hyperpigmentation or PIH. Finally, the end stage would either be resolution or persistent scarring. If scarring is severe, such as indented acne scars, you develop ice pick and box car type acne scars. If you are prone to developing acne scars, we do recommend using a microcurrent facial device. This is because it enhances the rate of wound healing and can minimise the risk of developing permanent acne scars.

The second benefit is via the electroporation benefits of skincare. The PEARL EMS together with the 360° Amino Acid Gel Mask (complimentary gift with purchase) achieves the ideal home microcurrent facial. The anti-inflammatory active ingredients and vitamin C content of the face mask deeply penetrates into your skin to deliver antioxidant benefits. This results in instantly brighter and refreshed skin. Consequently, compounding effects from repeated treatments is what will eventually lead to resolution of the scar.

Cost Savings for Home Microcurrent Facials

Given that clinic visits for microcurrent facials charge at least $200 upwards per facial, the cost savings for owning your own low level EMS (electric muscle stimulation) device are clear. First, this technology is not exclusive to spas or clinics. In fact, laypersons may easily harness and utilise microcurrent EMS. The most important feature is the device which has to be effective.

The best microcurrent devices are those that offer a warranty of 1 year, as opposed to cheap alternatives that offer no warranty at all). This is not just about durability. The bipolar contact pieces of such devices are only as effective at delivering microcurrent as they are well made. If you use the microcurrent facial device daily (recommended). This means that you will effectively enjoy a home microcurrent facial at just $1.20 with a year of warranty. This is definitely the best value approach to purchasing a home facial device. 

The best Microcurrent Facial Device for your home facial 

Microcurrent itself stimulates fibroblasts which are the powerhouses of collagen production. Interestingly, microcurrent also shows itself to be effective in pain therapy. In a study done in 2018 by the Journal of Wound Care, there was a significant reduction in the wound area as well as soreness over the areas treated by microcurrent. 

Microcurrent facial devices are trending but how do you decide which one to choose? 

Now, it is important to note that not all low level electrical devices are effective. The lower end range of microcurrent devices will serve to only function for at most three to six months. We expect the more expensive microcurrent visual devices to have a longer shelf functioning time simply because of its increased durability. When looking for the best microcurrent facial device in terms of value and function, look for one with one-year warranty. Most low end microcurrent facial devices do not offer any form of warranty. This is because while the technology is readily available, low-end manufacturers often house it in a cheaply made casing with poor conductivity. As a result, the device will neither be durable nor effective.

Zinc Alloy ABS Construct Microcurrent Device
The ultra-conductive microsphere coating on the bipolar contact piece of the PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device ensures consistent and effective delivery of low level microcurrent for optimal benefits. It is easy to clean, hence maintaining maximal conductivity throughout its use.

The PEARL EMS microcurrent facial device is the ideal prototype for a home microcurrent facial treatment. This is critical because you now effectively invest the amount of money you save from salon or clinic facials, in an at home device that is both safe and effective. You can use the device not just on a facial area but also areas like the neck. There are also settings which allow your skin to gradually build tolerable tolerance to the discomfort that may occur.

Why choose the PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device?

85 miliampere microcurrent facial device
The PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device generates a peak optimal out of 85 miliamperes to stimulate collagen production in skin.

Suitable for sensitive skin

For those who have particularly sensitive skin, key features in the PEARL EMS make it the best microcurrent facial device you can find on the market. It has adjustable levels of microcurrent to suit your skin tolerance level without compromising on effectiveness.

This article also covers the many other features of the PEARL EMS that makes it the best Microcurrent Facial Device. The device gives you both quality and value. Based on dermatologist recommendations, we also bundle the device together with a free gift of the 360° sensorial amino acid masque for the ultimate soothing and refreshing home facial spa experience. 

Optimal Design

From its sturdy, well-built portable structure to its ergonomic use, value and quality are both key in the design concept. The PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device comes with its own stand to fit your vanity table. Facial devices are expensive investments in skincare. One should store it in a safe place where it avoids damage. For this reason, we design the PEARL EMS specifically with a perfect-fit dock that looks beautiful on your vanity table. 

The device is made of durable, electroplated zinc alloy with ABS to ensure optimal levels of microcurrent therapy. It also has an additional important function which is electroporation. Electroporation is the phenomenon whereby what is applied on your skin is absorbed more effectively when accompanied by an electrical ion exchange that goes on.

Syngergistic Use with Gel Mask

We design the PEARL EMS device is to be synergistic with the 360° Amino Acid Masque which is the same quality formulation mask that we apply on skin after in-clinic medifacials. This ensures that the active ingredients are able to penetrate deeper into the dermis. These active ingredients include bee derived propolis, aloe vera, as well as a potent concentration of vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate. The many floral extracts incorporated for the mask’s anti oxidant properties make for for the ultimate sensorial home medi facial. For microcurrent therapy, this is simply an introduction to a great device which has limitless potential. We can use the device for face, neck and jaw line sculpting. Furthermore, the device is also delicate enough to apply on the eye area. 

Warranty Microcurrent Facial Device
The PEARL EMS Microcurrent Facial Device has an edge over its competitors with a one-year warranty on the parts, which ensures full value of your purchase for home microcurrent facials.

These are compelling reasons why you may want to consider the pearl EMS microcurrent facial device over its competitors. In addition, for its launch special, there is a complimentary full size 360° amino acid masque that comes with the device. This bring you the perfect synergy for your first at home microcurrent facial. The overall experience will give you not just better skin elasticity, but also have sculpting of the face and neck area.  

This is truly the best microcurrent facial device for instantly brighter skin in 2022.

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