Best Microcurrent Facial Device: Your Key to Glowing Skin

The PEARL EMS microcurrent facial device is part of the Dermatologist Tools suite of at-home facial devices modelled after clinic facial technologies. This model may just be the best microcurrent facial device for home use, both price and function…
Collagen Up Anti Ageing Facial Wand

Microcurrent Device for Face: Dermatologist Designed

A microcurrent facial stimulates your facial muscles, with lifting and anti-aging effects. In this article, we'll explain the science behind microcurrent facials, and introduce a dermatologist designed microcurrent device for face in at-home…
Skin Analyser Moisture

Skin Analyzer to Best Track Your Skin Condition

What do you track in your life? For me, I track my sleep hours and it helps me get a gist of how my sleep cycle affects my emotional and physical health. And then after, I would know the next step to take in order to maintain or get my health…

Home Facial Kit – Frequently Asked Questions on the SilkPeel

What is the SilkPeel Home Facial Kit? Is it the same device used in the clinic, e.g. Hydrafacial? In our partner dermatologist clinic, TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, we use a much larger commercial machine than our home facial…
Botanical Hair Regrowth

Hair Loss Treatment Device – The Raser™ Hair Regrowth Comb

Raser™  Hair Regrowth Comb  The Raser™ Hair Regrowth Comb is a multi-functional 5 in 1 hair loss treatment device, encompassing (1) Diode Laser, (2) Radiofrequency, (3) Red Photon, (4) Electric Muscle Stimulation, and (5) Massage…

Dermatologist’s Take On Jade Rollers For Skincare Absorption

Yushi gunlun, as they’re known in Chinese, are small handheld wands made of jade used to massage one’s face and under eye, to assist with lymphatic drainage and depuffing of the skin. Invented during the Qing Dynasty, it was…

Dermatologist’s Views On Skin DNA Test Kits: DNA-based skincare – do you really need it?

Would you pay for DNA skincare analyses and home test kits? As such a fad makes its rounds on media, we speak to our in-house dermatologist – Dr Teo Wan Lin on her views about DNA skincare analysis.

Does Stress Worsen Your Skin? Avoiding holiday stress: Your skin needs you to relax

For many of us, this time of year is spent buying gifts and surviving the party season. Relaxation and sleep, and the glowing complexion that comes with them, often feel like wistful dreams that cannot be.