Best Beauty Fridge for DIY Home Facial Spa

The best beauty fridge design is one that combines both heat and cold therapy.  The Custom Mask Bar by Dr.TWL Pharmacy offers a free beauty fridge with its mask bar set. Designed for the perfect at-home self care regimen. 

If you are searching for the best beauty fridge, it may seem difficult to choose one. From colours to different beauty brands offering it, it looks just like a generic product. After all, do you actually need one and what conveniences does it bring? Does it benefit your skincare regimen to incorporate a beauty fridge? Before you dismiss it as a gimmick, hear what our founder has to say.  

Acne Care Bible
Dr. Teo Wan Lin is an accredited Singapore dermatologist and author of the Acne Care Bible. She created the Custom Mask Bar designed for a complete at-home facial spa.
Best Beauty Fridge Inside
A beauty fridge is an accessory to your skincare routine. In fact, it can be used to house all your skincare tools. There are a lot of benefits to having a dedicated to beauty fridge. The Custom Mask Bar includes a complimentary beauty fridge worth $80 with a membership.

What is a beauty fridge? What does it do?

A beauty fridge is essentially a portable mini-bar that holds all your skincare essentials in a refrigerated environment. The Bimodal Mask Bar by Dr.TWL has a dual function heating and cooling element. The heating function can be used as a companion to your hair care ritual. It helps to heat up your serums and thermal gel cap. The thermal cap is designed to deliver enhanced heat using one’s body heat to simulate a deep conditioning treatment in a salon.

Why do I need a beauty fridge? What are the benefits of having one?

The best beauty fridge is one that is compact yet can hold your skincare routine. If you are on medicated creams by your dermatologist, you should also use it to store your prescription creams. It keeps the active ingredients in your skincare functioning optimally. Storage of skincare is very important especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. 

How is the beauty fridge used?

Store your jade roller, serums, moisturisers to make the best use of your beauty fridge.

Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy for Skin Benefits

Heard of cryotherapy? Yup, there are true benefits for cold skincare!

Firstly, do you want to know how dermatologists generally advise patients? The best kept secret for eczema sufferers is to store their moisturisers in the fridge. The cold activates temperature receptors in the dermis. This distracts the skin from itch sensations. 

Skincare products like facial serums can also be stored in the fridge. The added benefit is that cold is anti-inflammatory. If you have facial redness, applying a cold moisturiser cream will help reduce redness quickly. This is especially so for sufferers of rosacea. Rosacea is a condition whereby blood vessels on the face are overly reactive. 

The Best Moisturiser is Served Cold

Best Moisturiser is served cold in a beauty fridge
The traditional multi-purpose cold cream deserves more attention than it gets. The best beauty fridge transforms a good moisturiser into the perfect skin salve. 

According to Singapore dermatologist Dr Teo, “ A cold cream is traditionally a combination of emulsifiers and emollients.  The skincare ingredients usually contain beeswax and humectants. The cold cream has been touted as an all-in one multi purpose skincare item. The truth is most modern moisturisers utilise the same active ingredients to improve barrier function. Humectants for example minimise transepidermal water loss. 

Multi-CERAM Moisturiser
The Multi-CERAM moisturiser is modelled after the original cold cream formula compounded by the pharmacy of Dr. Teo’s dermatology practice, TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre. It contains additional antioxidant anti-inflammatory ingredients which function as “steroid-sparers”. This means it can reduce eczema patient’s reliance on topical steroids over time.

“A little known skincare secret of dermatologists is to actually to refrigerate skincare. This is especially so for moisturisers. Many eczema patients find their itchy skin symptoms relieved by the cold sensation. The science behind this is that the cold sensation activates temperature receptors in the skin. This distracts the itch receptors. Overall, this relieves the itch sensation,” Dr. Teo shares.

Refrigerating skincare ensures its efficacy

Skincare itself is best applied when it is chilled. Refrigeration in general going to extend the shelf life of skincare products. Many find using the kitchen refrigerator inconvenient. This is also because skincare may absorb odours from food. 

Should I store my skincare in my fridge?

The best thing about using a beauty fridge is that it also helps organise your skincare neatly. Storing skincare in our refrigerator where we are storing other foods as well probably is not wise. Given that the smells of the foods etc may actually inadvertently be absorbed into the skincare. 

What are the benefits of a beauty fridge? 

The beauty fridge can be a neat central focal point for your skincare routine. The best concept behind this fridge is the ability to provide a certain sense of familiarity which grounds us psychologically. It also becomes the center of the self care ritual that an individual experiences when one applies skincare daily. Also when you make sure that your skin care kit is more organised, you may be more motivated to stick to it!

Getting the best beauty fridge benefits – for free!

We believe in the best skincare routine with the best products… and we are giving out our fridge for free with every purchase of our Mask Bar System. If you have been waiting for a chance to splurge on your beauty fridge, this is the perfect opportunity because its our complimentary gift to you.

Why you should be getting your beauty fridge? Because the best benefits don’t stop at keeping your skincare cold

We discussed the benefits of applying cooling products on your skin. Cold therapy, is also known as cryotherapy when is performed in extreme temperatures. 

Specifically, low temperatures have a benefit to reduce skin redness and swelling. In terms of reducing the blood vessel inflammation, products stored in a fridge will have an added benefit. 

The best beauty fridge benefit is for sensitive skin sufferers. Sensitive skin is a layperson term that refers to problem skin. This may include symptoms of heat sensitivity, itch and redness. If you suffer from sensitive skin, or specific heat sensitive disorders such as rosacea, a beauty fridge to store your creams and medications is the best investment. For rosacea patients, using chilled products, can significantly improve symptoms. This is because every time you apply a cold product on your skin, the lower temperature constricts our blood vessels. 

Why this is the beauty fridge for your skin investment this year?

It has dual heating and cooling function for both skin and hair serums. Designed for the Custom Mask Bar by Dr.TWL Pharmacy, this dermatologist approved face mask system includes a complimentary beauty fridge. It is compact yet spacious, holding all the skin essentials. Check out the following video to see how dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin stores her skincare must-haves in her beauty fridge.

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Summarising the features of the Best Beauty Fridge

  1. Heating bonus for haircare serums

The additional bonus with this fridge is that it is able to toggle between both the heating and the cooling settings. This is very helpful when you are using it to heat up your hair serums.

  1. Enhances the natural thermal cooling properties of your natural stone jade roller

If you are not already using a jade roller, its time to get one together with your beauty fridge. Jade rollers are very beneficial in terms of providing a form of facial massage in an ergonomic way without electricity. The nature of the stone and its inherent thermal conductivity properties means that you also enjoy cryotherapy effects. Massage stimulates collagen production and enhances drainage. The thermal cooling is optimal when you refrigerate it. At room temperature, its inherent properties mean that it will be cooler than other materials if it’s a genuine stone. However, when you refrigerate it in your beauty fridge, it is an electricity free tool to perform your daily facial massage. Perfect as part of your skin care ritual.

  1. Compact and organised storage of skincare

A better way to keep your skincare organised and motivated this year – enjoy the benefits of a beauty fridge.

  1. Ensure optimal performance of sensitive serums and minimise microbial contamination

The beauty fridge is best used for serums which may degrade with inappropriate storage temperatures. Include your favourite moisturiser as well for best effects.

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