Anti-Ageing Diet Book: 5 Min Recipe Guide for Beautiful Skin

Anti-Ageing Diet Book
*The Anti-Ageing Recipe Bible*
Perfect on its own or as a practical workbook companion to Edible Beauty: Dermatologist Guide to An Anti-Ageing Diet

Welcome to The Art of the 5 Minute Anti-Ageing Diet Book! I’m Dr Teo Wan Lin, author of the Beauty Bible series and I’m excited to share this brand new addition to the series. This book is written for cooks of all skill levels—especially for beginners who want to learn how to cook, fast!

Anti-Ageing Diet Book: The Art of 5-Min Meals
5 Minute Anti-Ageing Diet With 50 Plant Based Recipes, Simple Cooking, No Cook Meals, Glowing Skin Powered by Herbs

My top tip when it comes to learning any new skill is to simply start DOING—practice does make perfect. This is the same approach I take when it comes to cooking, the same way I learnt it from my grandma—with hands-on practice. Thankfully, modern appliances have also dramatically shortened cook time. Consequently, I also endeavour to share the top tips I have when it comes to kitchen appliances that make cooking and clean up a breeze. 

If you are interested in learning how to make healthy meals fast without processed foods, this anti-ageing diet book is for you. In fact, if you do follow the recipes shared in the book, I assure you also will be convinced of how little effort it really takes to whip up a meal. There’s really no need for fast food once you learn these tips. 

Anti-ageing diet book guide

Before we start, I’ve compiled here a quick guide that you may find handy as you work through the rest of the book. 

Edible Skincare with Anti-Ageing Diet Book
Get ready for an empowering read with this recipe guide written for women on the go. Learn the science behind the best anti-ageing foods that combat inflammaging and the art of antioxidant-packed meals that rejuvenate your skin inside out. On its own or as a practical companion to Edible Beauty: A Dermatologist’s Guide to An Anti-Ageing Diet, this book is a complete blueprint for 5 minute meal plans. Journey with Dr.TWL as she takes you through step-by-step her very own masterplan for healthy and delicious meals.

Anti-ageing diet recipes graded according to difficulty 

I’ve organised the recipes in a way that begins with no/minimal cook dishes, gradually introducing you to fast/simple cooking styles and towards the end, how you can vary some sequences in the cooking processes so you’ll get slightly different results. One thing remains, all these recipes are chosen for snappy cooking. Though at the start, the more advanced recipes may take you slightly longer as you figure out the order in which you prepare ingredients. 

Beginner Friendly Zero Processed Food
The 5-Minute Anti-Ageing Diet is your ultimate guide for lazy, healthy cooking! Discover the wonders of intuitive cooking, exercise your creativity, save time and money. All this, while embarking on your holistic anti-ageing journey with the power of herbs and plants.

Practice makes efficient!

The 5 minute recipes represent the actual time you spend in the kitchen. This is excluding cooking time which is essentially a hands-off process if you implement the techniques I recommend in this anti-ageing diet book. If you find yourself being a little slower, taking a bit more time at the start—be patient with yourself. The instructions that accompany these recipes are written in simple, straightforward language and don’t fuss over measurements. That’s the beauty of actual simple cooking. We make it possible because of the tips I share, using minimal ingredients but always choosing the best in quality.

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Changing mindsets and attitudes towards food 

By the end of this anti-ageing diet book, it is my desire that readers would realise how modern urban lifestyles have robbed us of the most basic, and also the most important aspect of health—our diet. The fast-paced materialist lifestyle associated with city living is practically synonymous with takeout culture, fast food and pre-made frozen meals. In this book, I endeavour to share my personal journey discovering the truth of healthy, simply cooking through 50 different recipes. 

Developing a taste for healthy cuisine 

By the way, it is so true that we mould our taste buds. The same way emotional eating occurs—our brain is wired to perceive pleasure as part of our inbuilt reward system. Therefore, if you’ve grown up viewing junk food as a treat, or even as the only thing you ate, it isn’t difficult to imagine that you might just be so accustomed to high salt, deep fried food that it’s the only type of food you enjoy. I design this anti-ageing diet book to fully replace these cravings for junk food.

By preparing your own meals, you are fully engaging with the process of nourishing your body with vitamins, nutrients and minerals which I want you to be aware of—everytime you prepare a recipe for yourself. Add to that the simplicity of the process through the methods that we’ll go through, the taste of fresh herbs, organic produce and using the right type of salt—all these are designed to transform the way you perceive food.

Save money on grocery bills 

Being an efficient cook also means managing your pantry well. I don’t have time to go grocery shopping on a weekly basis. In fact, I do so only on a 6 weekly basis. Here are some of my tips when it comes to what to get at the supermarket:


My top choice for protein is plant-based i.e. beans as they keep for a long time in the pantry without going bad. They are also incredibly healthy, contain lots of fibre and micronutrients, and are highly versatile in recipes. Dried chickpeas, black beans, soy beans—these are among for favorite. When it comes to animal protein, I opt for frozen salmon and whole organic chicken. I often opt for salmon belly as it’s selling cheaper than the other parts. It also contains heart healthy polyunsaturated fats which also helps combat inflammaging. Whole chicken always affords better value than chicken parts. If you use an instant pot, you can literally cook the entire chicken with the press of a button. Pressure-cooked meat falls off the bones readily so it really is a breeze when it comes to carving out the meat. 

Bean Sprouts from Mung Beans


I stock my pantry with root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins which keep for weeks without refrigeration. Sweet potato sprouts, unlike potato sprouts (which are poisonous) do not affect taste. We can plant sprouts directly in soil or root them in water, and you can start a quick container garden of delicious sweet potato leaves which are a popular alternative to spinach in Asian cuisine—packed with nutrients too. Just be sure to buy organic produce as these have not been sprayed and will actually sprout—a sprouted sweet potato actually keeps for a really long time!

For pumpkins, I cook them whole in the instant pot including the skin. The seeds are another delicious part of the vegetable which you can cook separately or have raw. These also sprout readily. Throw them in compost and you’ll have pumpkin leaves which are a wonderful alternative to kale—except it grows a lot quicker and is hardy too! I highly recommend starting a container garden of sweet potato and pumpkin leaves. You won’t have to go shopping for salad greens and that makes grocery shopping a lot less stressful—greens spoil much quicker than root vegetables. I also make bean sprouts from mung beans—it’s easy. Soak the beans overnight in a clean tray. Change out the water twice daily and your sprouts will be ready in 3 days!

Never deal with messy kitchen cleanups again 

Mini Pot Cooker for Healthy Anti-Ageing Food

I no longer use gas burners and stoves as it requires a lot more clean up. For purposes of the 5 minute recipes featured in this anti-ageing diet book there are only 2 appliances you’ll need:

  • A mini pot cooker, stainless steel lining is preferable over teflon. You can get one under $30, they are very affordable! The reason why I choose these over using conventional induction cooking stove is because the mini pots are designed to heat up very rapidly under 60 seconds for a full pot of water. 
  • Instant pot cooker or your choice of pressure cooker. Pressure cookers have really transformed the way I meal prep. It’s by far the most efficient method of hands-off cooking that’s also incredibly healthy. Food is cooked with steam. The entire process also seals in the flavors without you micromanaging—no more kitchen disasters!

Towards a zero waste, sustainable lifestyle

One of the most rewarding aspects of learning to make your own fast food is realising how much less waste you generate. For me, it’s not just about takeout containers, well one could always bring a lunchbox right? The fact is if you can spend the effort even ordering a meal for takeout or delivery—this anti-ageing diet book will convince you how it’s so much healthier and in fact, even more convenient, to make your own.

Anti-ageing diet book for “fast” food

Fast food isn’t really “fast”. It’s processed with chemical additives, many of which are proven carcinogens so that it can be preserved and reheated in a single step. What the industry wants you to think is that they are saving you time and money. However, what’s really happening is a slow death. Your cells, designed to combat oxidative stress, fights the damage until it succumbs. That’s when the aging process begins and diseases like cancer arise.

With this practical guide, I share my personal journey through 50 simple recipes that will transform the way you live—empowering you to make choices for health, inside out—one that also redefined my relationship with food. Stand amazed as we uncover the wealth of nature’s produce, raw, unadulterated and delicious.

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