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Is My Skin Purging? Ask a Dermatologist

Do you find that you are getting breakouts after starting on topical or oral treatment that is supposed to treat your acne? Skin purging occurs when a product or process speeds up the skin cell turnover rate, leading to a flare-up. As the rate of skin cell turnover increases, the skin starts to shed dead […]


A Beauty Brand That is Taking the Environment Seriously

This World Ocean Day, we explore how Dr.TWL Pharmacy is now the first luxury skincare pharmacy in Singapore to offer refillable skincare and beauty packaging. We would like to share the launch of our cult favorite products now available in bulk refillable packaging, which are both wallet and environmentally friendly. The importance of sustainable beauty […]

Are Oil Blotting Sheets Good or Bad for My Skin?

Are oil blotting papers helpful for oil control, or is it a temporary measure that makes you generate even more oil? In this article, hear what a dermatologist has to say about oil blotting sheets for oily skin, including oil control tips for acne-prone oily skin.   What are oil blotting sheets?  Blotting sheets are highly […]

Dermatologist’s Night Skincare Routine

What is the difference between a day and night routine? Your daytime routine serves to protect the skin from environmental aggressors such as sun, pollution etc. With the night routine, your skincare products mainly work to repair the skin as you sleep. In this article, accredited dermatologist and author of the Skincare Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips for […]

Sensitive Skin Guide for Fabric Face Masks

If you have just purchased the Dr.TWL biofunctional textile face masks, congratulations on starting your skin-comfort journey with us. Our mission is your skin health. This dermatologist-designed fabric face mask with additional cosmeceutical skin benefits like anti-ageing and treatment and prevention of maskne and mask contact dermatitis. The topical bactericidal effects is published as a concept […]