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Causes of Dry Skin: The Role of Aquaporins

Dry skin is a common complaint and is usually accompanied by symptoms of flaking, itching and cracking skin. It can be a symptom of eczema or other factors such as changes in temperatures or humidity, as well as using soaps with harsh chemicals. In this article, we explore one of the causes of dry skin: […]


Best Skincare for Redness and Sensitive Skin

Some common features of rosacea include redness and flushing on facial skin. Most of the cosmeceuticals designed for rosacea contain botanical active ingredients with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties intended to reduce redness. In this article, we will explain why the best skincare for redness and sensitive skin should contain botanical active ingredients to manage rosacea, […]

Is My Skin Purging? Ask a Dermatologist

Do you find that you are getting breakouts after starting on topical or oral treatment that is supposed to treat your acne? Skin purging occurs when a product or process speeds up the skin cell turnover rate, leading to a flare-up. As the rate of skin cell turnover increases, the skin starts to shed dead […]


A Beauty Brand That is Taking the Environment Seriously

This World Ocean Day, we explore how Dr.TWL Pharmacy is now the first luxury skincare pharmacy in Singapore to offer refillable skincare and beauty packaging. We would like to share the launch of our cult favorite products now available in bulk refillable packaging, which are both wallet and environmentally friendly. The importance of sustainable beauty […]