Singapore, October 25, 2019 – Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals ( held the official launch party of its cosmeceutical makeup arm, the Pi π-Custom Cosmeceutical Makeup Lab. The flagship custom makeup lab hosts the Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab, a unique facility focussing on dermatologist-developed cosmeceutical lip serum based lipsticks, which can be customised to any colour, with a one-of-a-kind finish called the Pi π-Effect, a result of the team’s research into colour science involving natural micas and microcrystals. Located on site as an extension of the dermatologist practice TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, it is helmed by accredited dermatologist Dr.Teo Wan Lin with a team of colour scientists and a head chemist.

The launch event at the lab opened with an introduction on cosmeceuticals by Dr. Teo, an expert on cosmeceutical skincare, who also authored a book this year, “Skincare Bible – Dermatologist Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare”, published by Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Scribd in July 2019. 

“I believe that the future of makeup isn’t in special effects, it’s about active skincare ingredients – in this case, cosmeceutical actives which have pharmaceutical properties and can be incorporated in makeup bases. Women are conscious about active ingredients in their skincare, and it’s time they look into what’s in their makeup as well,” Dr. Teo shares. The Custom Lip Lab features a cosmeceutical base for the LipSerum Stick and its Lip Gloss. Purified Salmon Roe DNA Extract, a potent skin regenerative ingredient is incorporated in the base of all the lip products. “Salmon Roe DNA stimulates collagen growth, and is perfect for the lips because it is a food-derived antioxidant and is safe for consumption.”

“The lip is an often neglected part of one’s skincare routine, because it is difficult to treat and prevent ageing of that area. Lip discolouration, wrinkles, loss of lip volume are common concerns, which can be treated effectively with this lip serum.” The Custom Lip Lab effectively bridges the skincare-makeup concept, with lip sticks being the iconic makeup product. Dr. Teo shared that many of her lip eczema patients (those with sensitive lips) have worries about maintaining a professional appearance as they are unable to apply any commercial lipstick product, which are all laden with chemical preservatives and hardeners, worsening their lip condition. The coloured lip serum product was developed for them, and is enhanced with phytoceramides as part of lip treatment. Plant-derived ceramides help repair the mucosal skin of the lips — the part that is affected when one suffers from dry, sensitive lips. 

The LipSerum Stick contains 100% edible ingredients, and is made of a unique formula that adopts the research team’s microcrystal encapsulation technology, allowing the lipstick to be preservative-free. The active ingredients — Salmon Roe DNA, phytoceramides, pure mineral pigments are encapsulated in solid state tiny crystals which are released upon contact at body temperature and melt into a serum. Pure mineral pigments which are strictly FDA-approved for the sensitive eye/lip area are used for the creation of lip colours. Instead of traditional enhancers present in mineral makeup, e.g. Bismuth Oxychloride(BMO) which can cause skin dryness and irritation, pure mineral micas are used for a natural pearlescence in mineral colorants developed by the Dr.TWL Team. Additionally, the lipstick packaging is made with a proprietary anodized silver coating SilvexiaTM, which is developed by the material science team. The coating is UV-protective and helps prevent light-induced degradation of sensitive cosmeceutical ingredients.

The afternoon launch event featured a makeup demonstration by Canadian celebrity makeup artist, Andrea Claire, creating a full look on a model using the Dr.TWL cosmeceutical makeup palette. This included the brand’s upcoming customised eyeshadow and blush offerings — pure pressed mineral pigments without any bulking agents are used, which are also infused with skin soothing jojoba oil for moisture. A dialogue session themed “#ColourofPassion” followed with 3 ladies — Sabrina Sikora, fashion model/photographer, Serene Chua, private banker and founder of Wolf Burgers, plus Dr. Teo Wan Lin herself — who shared about their passions as well as their favourite lip colours.

The press event concluded with a live demonstration of the lipstick creation process with head chemist Iuna. The VIP afterparty thereafter was attended by digital media influencers, collaborators and clients, whereby guests where to treated to small group sessions whereby their choice lip palettes and lipsticks were created live. 

Product information:

The LipSerum Stick retails at $96.30 via bespoke appointment, with full customisation of colours, shimmer effects and flavours. Ready-to-wear and gloss options are available. Booking via

LipSerum Stick for 7-Days in a 1G Tin: RTW Shade at $21.40

LipSerum Palette : (available from 18 November 2019)

  • Basic Palette Package: 10 colours $139.10 (includes 3 Berry, 3 Pink, 3 Red, 1 nude, plus complimentary personalisation x1)
  • Deluxe Palette Package: 15 colours  $192.60 (includes 3 Berry 3 Pink 3 Red 3 Coral 3 Nude plus complimentary personalisation x2 )
  • Premium Package: 20 colours $246.10 (includes 4 Berry 4 Pink 4 Red 4 Coral 4 Nude plus complimentary personalisation x3 )
  • Dr.TWL Classic Full Lip Palette: 20 colours $224.70 (pre-selected shades, a versatile palette curated based on classic, sexy and nude looks and incorporates colours from each of the lip colour wheels of pink, berry, red, coral and nude to suit all skin tones on various occasions)
  • For the post-launch month of November 2019 only, all palette purchases come with a complimentary Silvexia™ UV Protective Magnetic Palette worth $32.10.

Custom Face Palette : (available from 18 November 2019 )

  • Contains 10 curated lip serum colours with intense pigment payoff, 4 classic cream eyeshadows and 2 blushes imbued moisturising ingredients suitable for sensitive skin users.
  • 3 complete Face Palette options (Cool, Neutral, Warm Skin Tones): retailing $192.60, based off the Dr.TWL Advanced Colour Science System, whereby colour recommendation and matching is developed in conjunction with leading makeup artists.

Create Your Own Lipstick Workshop

For the post-launch months of November 2019 till January 2020, limited bookings are open for discounted group lipstick workshops, whereby participants can have hands on experience for the creation of their very own lipstick or palette. Valid for a minimum of 3 pax (maximum of 5 pax). Bookings via

Mobile Lip Party – Hen Nights, Birthdays, Events

The lip party experience is also available via advance booking whereby the Dr.TWL Team takes the live lab experience to your venue of choice for your guests, who will receive exclusive customised lip palettes and lipsticks. The Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab is also open for venue bookings at


Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals ( is a cosmeceutical range that combines the expertise of a Singapore dermatologist together with a pharmaceutical engineer and is developed in a research laboratory, with manufacturing standards certified by the Euro ISO 22716, a standard that complies with the European regulation for cosmetics for the European market.

For more information, please contact Justin Teo at +65 9837 8895 or email

Press kit with high resolution images of the Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab launch is available at: