Hydrocolloid Blemish Vanish Patch


20 Individual Patches

For Quick Healing of Inflamed Acne Papules and Cysts

[Ingredients] Polyacrylic acid, Purified Water, Glycerin, CMC, Urea, Aluminium, Glycinate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate


[Reduce Scarring] [Prevents Secondary Infection] [Exudate Absorption] [Moist Wound Healing]

Suitable for treatment of maskne. Prevents touching, provides a moist wound-healing environment, and forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from the mask.


Cleanse your face and pat dry.

Apply Blemish Spot Cream on affected area and leave on 1 hour for absorption before applying patch on blemish. Gently press on patch for better adhesion. Leave patch on overnight and remove the following morning.



How to use the hydrocolloid pimple patch correctly?
This is a best selling acne patch from our pharmacy. It is best used in the early stages of an inflamed acne bump. Apply when you first notice an early acne pimple spot. 

How do hydrocolloid pimple patches work?
Hydrocolloid patches are based on hydrocolloid, a material used for wound dressings. It has been found to create the optimal wound healing environment. For inflamed acne bumps, apply a hydrocolloid patch in the early stages so it can quickly bring down swelling. It draws out the pus, dead skin cells and debris to the surface of the skin. It can prevent formation of larger acne cysts and abscesses. Leave on overnight and see the difference in your skin the next day.

What to do if the pimple has popped the next morning after I remove the pimple patch?
Congratulations! The pimple patch has worked. What you will notice is that the acne bump has got smaller overnight, and also there may be some pus at the surface. This is the desired effect of the pimple patch . The hydrocolloid pimple patch enables the built up pus material to reach the surface of your skin. It creates an opening where the pus drains out.

How to effectively drain out the pus?
It is important to avoid skin infection when draining the pus. Wash your hands and face with the Miel Antibacterial Honey cleanser with warm water. Warm water helps the blood vessels to expand and the pus to drain easily. Do not squeeze with your fingers. Simply use a moist soft towel to press around the acne bump. Allow the pus to drain, do not squeeze if draining stops. Dry thoroughly and apply the blemish spot cream in the day. At night, apply a fresh hydrocolloid patch. Repeat the process the next day.