Best Styles for Wrap Dresses and Accessories

Calling all fashion lovers, can’t wait to shop? Check out our fashion deals in our Mix & Match series below and learn the best ways to style a multi-way wrap dress!

What is a Wrap Dress?

First invented back in the 1930s, wrap dresses have withstood the challenge of time and continue to be a staple in women’s wardrobes till today. This clothing piece reached its peak popularity in the 1970s where production rose up to 15,000 dresses per week. The style of this dress is unique in portraying elegance when worn, while still giving women the chance to feel feminine and comfortable at the same time. Today, wrap dresses are available for purchase almost everywhere. Additionally, it has the ability to take on different forms of style with various sleeve lengths, designs and certain fabrics.

Multi-Way Dress

One dress, endless styles. Twist, wrap or tie your multi-way dress to create a variety of styles, only limited by your imagination! Convertible dresses are growing in popularity as they’re a cost-efficient way of looking trendy with the different styles available, while also feeling comfortable in a dress you love. If you haven’t tried on a multi-way wrap dress yet, our Mix & Match series offers a range of styles for you. The first collection features 3 colours selected by Dr.TWL’s design team, curated to flatter each individual’s natural skin tone and undertone. Our Colour Science Team determines these unique shades of colours to bring out radiance and glow, to complement every skin tone as well as to match your fashion style.

Accessorise with Scarfs

Drape: Drape the scarf around your neck making one end longer than the other for a sophisticated look.

Choker: Wrap your scarf around your neck, and loosely tie the leftover strands.

Bowtie: Loop one end of the scarf around your neck, then repeat with the other end into a ribbon.

Waist belt: Tie the scarf into a ribbon at the waist for a casual chic look.

The Lyosilk™ wrap dress by Dr.TWL Biomaterials comes from proprietary textile technology from sustainable plant cellulose fibres with a silk-like feel that is superior to silk for its softness and breathability. Moreover, it’s laboratory tested to be anti-microbial, cooling, sweat wicking (no stains) — the ideal fabric developed for the humid Singapore climate. It’s also the perfect textile to wear, for those who suffer from sensitive skin, eczema, body acne, fungal acne (pittosporum folliculitis) heat rashes (miliaria rubra). It is also a versatile piece which can be worn in 7-different ways, transforming your look from office to date night, regal sophisticate to girl next door!

MIX & MATCH your wardrobe and accessories with our skincare textile range. Our 3 unique colours of the Lyosilk™ multi-way convertible wrap dresses are exclusively for complimenting asian skin tones.

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Dove Grey: Medium, Tan Skin Types; Cool Undertone

Lyosilk™ Wrap Dress in Dove Grey

While maintaining the luxurious aesthetic of silk, the Lyosilk Multi-Way Dress in Dove Grey is not just machine-washable, but also helps to create the optimal skin microenvironment. Hence, this stabilizes the skin microbiome – perfect to treat and prevent body acne and eczema as well.

Match it accordingly with our implant grade surgical steel earrings in silver or rose gold if you fancy. Therefore, there is 0% risk of nickel sensitisation to prevent eczema and sensitivity. 

Mustard Yellow: All Skin Types (Fair, Medium, Tan); Works with all undertones

Lyosilk™ Wrap Dress in Mustard

Additionally, this specific shade of mustard yellow makes every shade of warm skin tone from light to dark shades glow! Depending on your tan, the yellow picks upon the flattering highlights to boost your natural skin tone.

Style this with our hypoallergenic Heart Stud Earrings or Minimalist Bar Stud Earrings in rose gold suitable for sensitive skin individuals, as well as those with nickel allergy.

Coral Red: All Skin Types (Fair, Medium, Tan); Neutral/Warm Undertone

Lyosilk™ Wrap Dress in Coral Red

Made from from 100% sustainable plant cellulose fibres, the Lyosilk Multi-Way Dress in Coral Red is is a skin-friendly, ultra-breathable fabric. Furthermore, it helps to address fungal acne or eczema by wicking away sweat and staving off bacteria growth – ideal for tropical climates. 

Finally, match it with our Geometric Diamond Drop Earrings or Heart Stud Earrings in gold to complement warm undertones.

Dr.TWL Surgical Steel Earrings

The earrings hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin individuals, as well as those with nickel allergy. Tests also show that they are compliant under laboratory conditions to have a nickel release value less than 0.25μg/cm2/week. Therefore, wearing such jewellery is clinically proven to reduce risk of sensitisation (allergy) to nickel throughout one’s lifetime. Dr.TWL’s Surgical Steel Earrings are made from 100% implant quality 316L surgical/medical grade stainless steel. 18K gold/rose gold plating is applied for the coloured gold colour series.

Styling Earrings with Different Face Shapes

Oval Face Shape: Almost every shape of earring is possible, but if you wish to flatter your cheekbones a little more, you can style yourself with simple studs or triangular earrings!

Minimalist Bar Stud Earrings in Silver
Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings in Rose Gold

Round Face: For those with a more circular face, meaning widest at the cheekbones with no taper to the chin, drop or dangle earrings would be the perfect match for you. They can help to elongate your face and make it look slimmer. Try to avoid large, circular earrings as you do not want to further emphasise on the round shape of your face.

Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings in Gold
Geometric Diamond Drop Earrings in Silver

Long and Narrow Face Shape: You can either choose simple stud earrings or drop earrings to widen your face and make it look fuller. Round earrings especially, can help to emphasise the width of your face.

Minimalist Bar Stud Earrings in Gold
Geometric Diamond Drop Earrings in Rose Gold

Do not be afraid to experiment with different styles and colours of jewellery, or even mixing them. These are just a guide to help you out, but do not abide by them. If you love a piece of jewellery and it makes you feel confident, then go ahead and flaunt it, even if it is not the “right” for your skin tone or face shape!

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