Lyosilk™ Wrap Dress in Mustard (Limited Edition Royal Cranes Chinese Painting on Back)


This dress is designed by the Dr.TWL Team, with pattern masters and designers to create our signature LyoSilk™ Wrap Dress, which can be worn with the LyoSilk™ Scarf in 7 gorgeous ways!

This limited edition series is finished with a luxurious digital print of a painting of Royal Cranes by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, in a traditional chinese watercolor style known as ”Xieyi”.

For ultimate skin comfort, wear with Qraser™ Second Skin Push-Up Invisible Bra Loaded with Skin Benefits.

Shop our Multi-Way Dress in Imperial Yellow in dermatologist-approved LyoSilk (an eco-friendly plant silk) this month and get a free QRASER bra with every purchase. The body flattering dress designed for total skin comfort and movement can be worn in at least 7 different ways. The fabric stays cool to touch in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, and allows maximum breathability for healthy skin. No more heat rash, minimise backne and eczema flare ups while staying comfortable!


Our quality guarantee— our dresses are made from authentic LyoSilk™, from 100% sustainable plant cellulose fibres, our proprietary textile technology from Dr. TWL Biomaterials, which are laboratory tested to be
[Sweat-Wicking] Sweat Mark-Resistant

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Lyosilk™ Wrap Dress

[Breathable] Prevents backne/back acne
[Silk-like] 100% sustainable fibres. Machine washable
[Anti-microbial] Maintains healthy skin microbiome
[Comfortable Elasticised Waist with Gathers] Flattering waist with gathers – with an adjustable waistline
[Seamless Flowing Sleeves] Accentuates your natural frame for a feminine silhouette
[Drape] Minimises the waist while enhancing your natural curves
[Minimal Seams] Reduces friction on skin for optimal comfort and breathability

This specific shade of mustard yellow makes every shade of warm skin tone from light to dark shades glow! Depending on your tan, the yellow picks up on the flattering highlights to boost your natural skin tone.

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Classy loungewear reinvented takes you from home to office and date night. Wear the LyoSilk MultiWay Dress in Imperial Yellow inspired by the imperial colours of the Chinese dynasties

LyoSilk is a 100% plant derived silk exclusively manufactured by Dr TWL Biomaterials. Designed for sensitive skin, both the material and cut drapes seamlessly for a friction free, chic and elegant garment worn in at least 9 different ways for a different look each time.


Wear LyoSilk™ Wrap Dress with the LyoSilk™Scarf in 7 gorgeous ways!

Neck Scarf
Sophisticate 1: Front draped around the neck
Sophisticate 2:Back draped around the neck
Runway: Central bow tie
French Chic: Side shoulder tie

Waist Belt
Girl Next Door: High waist front bow
Chinoiserie Chic: Waist kimono style bow
Casual Chic: Side-tie waist bow
Bonus: Wear scarf as a bandana


Dry clean or hand wash only to preserve high quality silk screen print.