Brow Lamination Kit – Dermatologist Designed to Heal Your Brows

Brow lamination is the process of redirecting the hair on the eyebrows, sculpting and styling them to get the shape you desire. Accredited dermatologist, Dr. Teo Wan Lin answers all your questions on brow lamination; how it works, its effects, and whether or not salon brow lamination is safe for our brows.

The Brow Laminator Kit is dermatologist designed for gender neutral brow grooming. Its nourishing formula is enriched with a proprietary mix of potent botanical oils.

What is salon brow lamination? Is it safe?

Traditional brow lamination is performed in salons. It involves the use of harsh chemicals such as aminothiol glycates that help to either relax or perm hair. It is then followed by neutralizers that contain skin irritant hydrogen peroxide. You may think ‘I’ve had it before, and I’ve never experienced an adverse reaction, so why can’t I do that to my eyebrows?’. But, there are a few things to consider.

First of all, when you are relaxing or perming your hair, you’re actually breaking its natural bonds. This can lead to hair fragility. While this may not be so much of a problem if you’re performing it on your scalp hair, remember that you’re using the same chemicals on the area of your facial skin. In is this case, this would be your brows. You’re actually running the risk of eliciting an irritant, or worse still, an allergic contact dermatitis on an area of your body that is much more sensitive than your scalp – your facial skin. The very nature of these chemicals means that it will break down the skin barrier with repeated exposure. This is why, as a dermatologist, I never recommend salon brow lamination. 

What are ‘Soap Brows’?

Something else that has been revived is the old Hollywood trick of using a soap bar to DIY laminate your brows. That may seem pretty ingenious, until you have a dermatologist break down what’s really happening when you’re doing that. Using soap on your face is not exactly ideal. Because, first of all, if you look at the composition of any soap, it is either based on palmotates, or lauryl sulfates. Soap bars are what dermatologists advise against, especially if you have sensitive skin. Even if you have normal skin, we do advise you to avoid soaps in general, because these are much harsher on your skin. 

Soap brows

Soaps are meant to be washed off

At the end of the day, if you are using a soap, it’s meant to be washed off. Palmotates, lauryl sulfates – they are not meant to be left on skin. There is a clear difference in formulation between leave-on type skincare, as well as wash-off type skincare. For the most part, soaps belong very clearly to the category of wash-off skincare. Again, it may not pose as significant problems for most users who perhaps do it once or twice. Nonetheless, it’s always good to have a scientific perspective on it. Using DIY Soap Brow techniques can over time induce deficiencies in the skin barrier. Because, the contact of palmotates and lauryl sulfates will disrupt the skin barrier function. 

How does DIY brow lamination work?

In DIY brow lamination, you’re really trying to use the wet-like texture of the formula in order to hold the strands of your brows together for brow shaping. You want to smoothen it out in a direction so that it fills out the gaps in sparse eyebrows. I personally like this idea a lot as I do not like to use eyebrow pencils as a brow shaper. Furthermore, I feel it gives a much more three-dimensional result. Especially, when you already have some brow hair, and you just want to neaten it up with brow shaping and get a defined, natural arch.

At home brow lamination with the brow laminator kit

Look 1 with the Brow Laminator Kit: Feathered Brows
[Use dry] Outwards and Upwards

At home brow lamination with the brow laminator kit

Look 2 with the Brow Laminator Kit: Sleek Brows
[Use wet] Outwards and Downwards

Dermatologist designed Brow Lamination Kit

The Brow Laminator Kit is compounded by Dr. TWL Pharmacy. It is based on 3 proprietary botanical oils that are predominantly linoleic acid based. This means that it has a strong antioxidant ability and helps to promote a healthy skin barrier, nourishing the hair shaft. Salon brow lamination can cause brittle brows and irritated facial skin, so a non-toxic cosmeceutical formula is preferred.

Brow hair, unlike hair on your scalp, is part of your facial skin. It is also closest to the delicate eye area, which has thinner, more sensitive skin. The scalp may tolerate perming or relaxing chemicals better, but using any concentrations of these toxic chemicals on facial skin is never recommended.

Which will you choose, an illusion of brow fullness and growth that exposes you to harmful chemicals and disrupts your skin barrier, causing eczema? Or an allergy-free, non-toxic cosmeceutical formula which promotes healthy skin and brow hair?


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