Brow Laminator Kit

$48.15 (w/gst)


Deep Conditioning Brow Lamination

Gender Neutral Grooming

[Linoleic Acid Based][Barrier Repair][Anti-Oxidant]

[Nourishing Formula] Proprietary Mix Of Potent Botanical Oil Trio
Elaeis Guineensis Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Olea Europaea Oil

The 360º Spiralized Applicator:

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The 360º Spiralized Applicator:
Coats individual strands for unbeatable softness & definition

Fuller defined brows with a natural arch

Brow Lamination Kit – Dermatologist Designed to Heal Your Brows 

  • Salon Brow Lamination
  • X Toxic chemicals that perm/relax brow hair WILL damage the healthy barrier of facial skin, causing eczema

    X Irritation to the eye area by volatile compounds 

    X Potential allergic contact dermatitis

  • X Can cause brow fragility with repeated treatment leading to breakage and brow loss
  • ✔️Universal clear formula
    ✔️All skin tones/brow colors
    ✔️Brow softening effect
  • DIY Soap Bar Lamination

  • X All bar soaps contain emulsifiers (palmitates, surfactants) which are meant to be washed OFF skin.

    These will cause irritation and disruption of the skin barrier to brow/facial skin when used as a leave on product.

  • X “Crunchy brows”, flaky residue 
  • ✔️Universal clear formula
    ✔️All skin tones/brow colors
    ✔️Brow softening effect
  • Brow Laminator Kit

  • ✔️Dermatologist-formulated and tested allergen-free
    ✔️Skin repairing
    ✔️Brow thickening
    ✔️ Deep conditioning for shine and softness
    ✔️ Easy-to-use spiralized applicator
  • ✔️ Linoleic acid predominant proprietary botanical oils moisturise hair shaft and roots, promoting healthy growth 
  • ✔️Universal clear formula
    ✔️All skin tones/brow colors
    ✔️Brow softening effect


Look 1: [Use dry] Feathered Brows
Outwards and Upwards

Look 2: [Use wet] Sleek Brows
Outwards and Downwards
Wash applicator with a gentle hand/facial wash after each use