Blind Pimples: How To Treat Acne Under The Skin

blind pimples

If you’ve ever had a blind pimple, also known as cystic acne, you know how painful it can be. These red bumps are not like a typical whitehead pimple. They live beneath the surface of your skin and do not come to a head. Blind pimples can form from a combination of sebum, bacteria, and dirt trapped in your pore. The infection then gets trapped deep in the skin next to the nerves. Because there is no “head” on the skin surface, pressure can build up, causing pain. During certain periods of one’s menstrual cycle, there are hormone fluctuations and hence an overproduction of oil. Therefore, many women may get these types of pimples at a certain time each month.

Blind pimples

Even though it may be tempting, you should never try to squeeze or pop a blind pimple. The act of trying to squeeze out the pimple will worsen inflammation, causing the area to become more tender to the touch. The pimple may even appear more obvious from increased redness and marks on the skin. Furthermore, attempting to squeeze blind pimples may result in scarring. Blind pimples may not be the easiest to get rid of, however they are treatable. Here are dermatologist-recommended tips on how to treat a blind pimple: 

1. Rosa Damask™ Antioxidant Serum

The Rosa Damask™ Antioxidant Serum is a freshly compounded, refillable product by Dr.TWL Pharmacy. It contains hydrating humectant glycerin to lock in moisture for total skin hydration. You should apply it over spots for spot treatment. 

The Rosa Damask™ Antioxidant Serum helps to treat enlarged pores with anti-oxidant rosa damask extract. It controls the root of oil production, targeting combination/oily skin with additional anti-aging benefits.

2. Blemish Spot Cream 

The Blemish Spot Cream under Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals contains an algae extract, Chlorella Vulgaris, that reduces the activity of oil glands and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Blemish Spot Cream is a power-packed dermatologist pimple cream. It is formulated using bioactive plant extracts to quickly reduce and inhibit spot inflammation.

Research show that lipid extracts from six chlorella species are effective in inhibiting the lipase enzyme and ROS, which P. acne produces. The same test was conducted to test for the inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chlorella was found to be effective against inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties of chlorella work together to help prevent acne breakouts. Hence, making it a potent bioactive ingredient for pimple cream.

Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) in the form of amino acids such as methionine and serine, help to reduce scarring and promote wound healing of the pimple. The main thing is that when you try to dry up an active pimple, very often you get more inflammation as you are burning the skin around it. What you need to do is to try to get the pimple to heal as quickly as possible. This is so that you minimise the risk of scarring. At the same time, this also treats the underlying problem of acne pimples which keep forming. Therefore, one should liberally apply this pimple cream 5 times a day to quickly reduce and inhibit spot inflammation.

3. Tretinoin 0.01% 

A sustainable category of prescription medication would be retinoid creams such as Tretinoin 0.01%. Retinoids belong to the vitamin A group of topicals. Essentially, retinoids such as tretinoin work by treating the microcomedones under the surface of the skin. They accelerate the rate of cellular turnover of the skin, thereby bringing up to the surface microcomedonic bumps in the first one to two months of treatment. This is before they start to suppress the growth of such microcomedones. However, these are not without side effects, such as redness and irritation which may occur during the course of treatment and needs to be monitored by your dermatologist. One should apply the cream at night to the spots for a few hours and wipe off its remnants before going to sleep.

4. Hydrocolloid patch 

The Hydrocolloid Blemish Vanish Patches conform comfortably to your skin, creating a moist microenvironment for faster and better healing as well as help increase the absorption of the active ingredients in pimple cream for faster healing. While enhancing absorption of pimple creams, it also helps absorb fluid that aids in quick resolution of acne. Additionally, the patches provide a barrier, preventing one from touching or picking which can lead to infection and scarring as well as prevent irritation from the face mask and secondary skin infection. One should apply the hydrocolloid patches just before sleeping, but to avoid applying it directly after tretinoin as it can cause irritation. 

blind pimples

The Hydrocolloid Blemish Vanish Patch is for quick healing of inflamed acne papules and cysts. It prevents touching, provides a moist wound-healing environment, and forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from face masks.

5. Anti-Acne Face Mask 

The CUIONS Anti Aging + Anti Maskne Mask is clinically proven to be more hygienic than the standard fabric mask. It has anti-odor properties with the copper ions killing bacteria/fungi/microbes that come into contact with the mask. This particularly suits comfortable wear against your skin over prolonged periods.

The CUIONS™ Copper Silk Face Mask contains copper nanoparticle impregnated fabric in 2 layers for enhanced filtration.

Textile-skin friction and the occlusive skin environment resulting from face mask wear is a trigger to several dermatological conditions such as acne mechanica, frictional dermatitis, and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Biofunctional face masks, such as the CUIONS mask, are an option for face masks which have higher evaporation rates, reduce the sensation of stickiness, and overall provide more breathability. A breathable fabric mask can help to wick moisture away and keep the skin dry, maintaining an optimal skin microbiome that can help to treat and prevent maskne.

Furthermore, biofunctional textiles such as copper, zinc and silver impregnated fabrics are bactericidal, having anti-inflammatory and oil control properties and can treat skin infections or diseases including acne and maskne. Hence, you can use the CUIONS™ mask for up to 4 hours daily, which acts as a topical antibiotic to kill bacteria existing on your skin.

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