Ingredient Spotlight: PEPTIDES

Peptides are the foundation blocks of building of skin, they are made of an active chain of amino acids which are constituents of proteins. Peptides are also involved in almost every biological cellular process, transmitting signals that directs other cells what to do. Because of that cellular regulatory function, Peptides have created breakthroughs in skincare products..

Dermatologist Pick For Seed Oil Moisturisers – Ingredient Spotlight: Tea Seed Oil

This is no surprise: plant oils have been in the spotlight for the benefits it can bring to your skin. With a variety of plant oils available, it is almost possible to find a right plant oil with the right blend of benefits to make a difference to your skin, be it dry, dehydrated, acne or others.

The Best Anti-Ageing Ingredient: Larecea™ Extract

The Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals Larecea™ Extract originates from the leaves of Brassica oleracea, an edible vegetable whose leaves are used as a skin wound healing agent. This vegetable has high nutritional value, with high concentrations of calcium, protein and ascorbic acid.

Find Out About The Deep Sea Secrets of This Facial Mist

Always need a little perk-me-up on a blazing, humid afternoon? Facial mists are currently in the rage, it is the latest beauty obsession that gets tossed into handbags and added to workplace tables.
Elixir Serum Fights Ultraviolet Skin Damage

Centella: A Medicinal Herb With Scar-Healing Abilities

Lucinda is our Women of Inspiration of #TWLBeauty Series, and shares our love for botanicals and skincare. A fan of our Elixir V™ Total Recovery Serum for its potent plant extracts like Centella Asiatica, Lucinda counts on this serum to lighten scars and promote wound healing.

Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum Demystified

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component found in the human body. This superstar ingredient has the ability to retain collagen, increase moisture and elasticity. However as one ages, hyaluronic acid gradually depletes, resulting in wrinkled and dull-looking skin.

Acne Cleanser? A Dermatologist take on Arnica Montana

Botanicals: the latest buzzword in the skincare. But how exactly do botanical extracts benefit us? Botanical-powered skincare products are effective when it comes to addressing skin aging, redness and pigmentations. One star, yet understated botanical ingredient is the Arnica Montana flower extract.

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals – Larecea™

Infused in every one of our products, LARECEA is a potent combination of bioactive ingredients found to occur naturally in brassica oleracea developed in a unique formula combined with potent regenerative amino acids.

Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals – Deep Sea Secrets (Mineral Booster)

How about a #mineralbooster for your thirsty skin?