We often hear people complaining about having sensitive skin. But what does it actually mean to have sensitive skin? According to Dr Teo, an accredited dermatologist from TWL Skin and Laser Specialist Centre, sensitive skin is a skin condition that is medically diagnosed as eczema, where the skin flares-up due to environmental, cosmetic and skincare triggers. Fret not, if you ever found yourself breaking out due to a new skincare or cosmetic product, you might not actually have eczema, but instead you might have acne prone skin that needs to be treated with prescription medication. Either way, visit a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis first.

If you find yourself reaching for hypoallergenic or even non-comedogenic products for your recent breakouts, it turns out that they might not be the best solutions. Since these products are usually not regulated, products that claim to be safe for sensitive skin or allergy tested or acne prevention might not be true. Instead of alleviating the condition of your sensitive skin, they might worsen it. As a rule of thumb, before buying any skincare products, check if they dermatologist tested and/or formulated for sensitive skin.

If your vice is sleeping with makeup on, you are basically increasing your exposure to free radicals and bacteria causing wrinkles and eye infections in the long run. Removing your makeup properly before you sleep is pertinent in maintaining a youthful and healthy skin. That doesn’t mean tugging at your skin until it feels squeaky clean or drying your skin out with commercial makeup removers.

Forget makeup wipes, get on the trend of dermatologist recommended cleansing for sensitive skin, which also works for all skin types because it respects your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Such a cleanser is based on oil or cream based solutions. Effective yet gentle cleansing of sensitive skin works in a manner that retains the moisturises your skin while removing your makeup. Dermatologically formulated for allergic skin through an emulsified combination of water and oil particles, the Le Lait Milk™ Cleanser from Dr TWL Dermaceuticals  cleanses your face by effectively dissolving even heavy makeup while maintaining the moisture in your skin.

Encompassing bioactive ingredients such as Larecea™, this sensitive skin cleanser accelerates collagen formation for skin regeneration, making it perfect for eczema and allergy prone dry skin types, post-laser treatments and for mature skin types. If you wear waterproof mascara and find yourself using harsh products to remove it,  you may be drying out your sensitive eyelid skin and setting the stage for eczema. Forget oil cleansers in our humid climate, this dermatologist-tested oil/water emulsion dissolves waterproof makeup in a jiffy and leaves the delicate eye area radiant and moisturised.

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