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The OSMIUM BLUE™ copper nanoparticle face mask is engineered with a proprietary blue-black metallic finish inspired by the element osmium, a transition metal in the periodic table of elements. The surface treatment reflects light from all angles, creating a chameleon effect which changes with lighting. The blue copper face mask contains CUIONS™ copper nanoparticle impregnated fabric in 2 layers for enhance filtration. The fabric is rigorously lab tested for the active release of copper metallic ions which are biocidal and clinically effective for anti-ageing – by promoting collagen production and reducing skin pigmentation. It is certified UPF50*, the gold standard in UV-protective fabrics, and recommended for prevention and treatment of pigmentation disorders¹ .

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Comes with Certificate of Authenticity from Dr.TWL Biomaterials.

Matching Bactericidal Storage Pouch is available.


100% CUIONS™ Nanoparticle Fibre with synthetic silk (polyester derivative) in 2 layers for enhanced filtration.

Droplet resistance tested equivalent to surgical mask for daily use.

Form fitted with adjustable ear loops (latex-free).

Perfect fit guarantee: one size design tailored to accommodate all face shapes and sizes for optimal comfort and protection. Non-tug on skin or ears. Suitable for broad-spectrum UV-protection for prevention of photo-ageing and in photosensitive conditions i.e. rosacea, eczema, lupus, post-laser/chemical peel, acne sufferers on photosensitising medications. If you have a history of developing rashes to copper metals, the ZINCOOL Mask is recommended.  

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The OSMIUM BLUE™️ finish reflects light from all angles with a proprietary blue-black metallic coating, presenting all different hues at once with a 3-D chameleon effect.


[Sweat/Water/Splash Resistant] Suitable for Pre/Post Sports

[Anti-Ageing] Copper ions stimulate collagen production/reduce wrinkles

[Bactericidal] [Self-Cleaning]² Treats Maskne/Anti-odour

[UV-Protective] Certified UPF 50+ with UV-Protection for Melasma, Pigmentation

The OSMIUM BLUEAnti-Ageing reusable fabric face mask has been laboratory tested to kill Staphylococcus Aureus**, a common bacteria that can cause secondary skin infections in acne and worsening of facial eczema and also inhibit the growth of fungi and other microorganisms which disrupt the skin microbiome. 

Fabric treated with CUIONSnanoparticle technology mask is scientifically proven to be more hygienic and create a healthier skin micro-climate than the surgical, standard fabric or silk mask. Maskne is caused by microbiome dysbiosis¹, an imbalance in the bacteria and fungal organisms on skin, that is also affected by the skin micro-environment.

It also has anti-odor properties by killing bacteria/fungi/microbes that come into contact with the mask². It is particularly suited for comfortable wear against your skin over prolonged periods.

Product is tested to maintain antibacterial efficacy up to 100 times under normal laundering conditions. Unlike other reusable masks which should be discarded after 30 washes, the CUIONS and ZINCOOL textiles are engineered from highly durable treated synthetic fibres with cosmeceutical benefit due to nanoparticle impregnation. As long as care is taken during washing to maintain the structural integrity of the mask, there is no need to replace your mask. If there is a break in the fabric, please replace your mask.

Copper nanoparticle impregnation is also backed by clinical studies²,³,,,  to have active skincare properties (anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing) due to stimulation of collagen growth through contact with copper ions actively released on contact with skin. Data from two randomised controlled trials demonstrate statistically significant reduction in facial wrinkles after 2 weeks of exposure to copper oxide infused textile,.

*UPF 50+ qualifies for excellent protection according to the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation guidelines. A UPF 50 fabric blocks 98 percent of the sun’s rays and allows two percent (1/50th) to penetrate, thus reducing your exposure risk to UVA and UVB radiation, which cause photoaging, pigmentation and skin cancers. Source: https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-prevention/sun-protection/sun-protective-clothing/

**Laboratory studies show 99.9 percent reduction in Staphylocuccus Aureus upon contact with CUIONS™ copper fibre.


Dermatologist Recommends:

For acne prone skin:

Alternate day wear of ZINCOOL™ and CUIONS™ nanoparticle fabric masks for minimum 4 hours a day to encourage a healthy skin microbiome. The ZINCOOL mask is recommended for individuals who are heat-sensitive, with additional cooling technology incorporated to encourage an optimal skin microclimate.

Maskne treatment with Blemish Spot Cream and Anti-Acne Zinc Oxide Loose Powder. These are non-irritating (inert formulations) that will not increase skin irritation when worn and is suitable to be worn under a face mask. Usage of retinoids/benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid formulations¹ will have increased risk of irritant contact dermatitis when worn under a face mask.

Fight Maskne with our anti-acne bundle here. Treat your maskne here using the SilkPeel Home Medi-Facial Kit.

Skincare makeup is recommended for use under our CUIONS™ Copper Mask

CellTalk™ Cosmeceutical CC cream

Feel Good™ Cosmeceutical Blush Cream to Powder/Lip-Cheek Stain

The LipSerum Stick

Recommended pimple cream for use under a fabric mask. Pimple creams which contain benzoyl peroxide/sulfur will bleach/stain the fabric. Use of retinol/retinoids/salicylic acid/AHA skincare ingredients while wearing a face mask will cause skin irritation. Source: Teo WL (2020)¹

CARE: Machine washable with regular detergent. Use delicates cycle with laundry bag to minimise wear and tear. Do not tumble dry. Do not use any fabric softeners when washing or drying. Do not use chlorine bleach as it may degrade the ear elastics over time. Wash prior to first use and daily thereafter, or between users, whichever comes first. After laundering and prior to use, inspect face mask for fabric integrity, do not use if there are rips or tears.

Precautions: Not for use in individuals with allergy to copper.  If you develop rashes whilst wearing the mask, please discontinue use and consult an accredited dermatologist. ZINCOOL Anti-Inflammatory Mask is available from 30 November 2020, for individuals allergic to copper*. Individuals should not use any form of facial masks when exercising, as this impairs the ability to breathe comfortably and could also result in lowered oxygenation levels. Not for use in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas, or in high risk aerosol generating procedures. Do not use if damaged or if you have sensitivity to copper or polyester.

As the face masks are hand cut and sewn, please note that there may be slight differences between each piece, whilst maintaining the overall shape, fit and size.


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