Intensive Hair Treatment Bundle


Bamboo Paddle Brush
Suitable for Sensitive Scalp, Fine/Damaged Hair, Hair Loss
Detangling Comb (Wet/Dry Hair/Blow Dry)
Finest Handmade Quality

LipiSilk™ Serum Intensive Hair Treatment

Damaged, Chemically-Treated, Split Ends

Linoleic acid [Hair Shaft Deep Repair]
Vitamin E [Bioactive Anti-Oxidant]
Purified seed oil of Hippophae rhanoides (Sea Buckthorn Oil)

LipiGro™ Serum Scalp Essence

All Types of Hair Loss, Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss, Androgenetic Alopecia

5a-reductase inhibitor [Reverse Hormonal Hair Loss]
Growth Stimulant [Bioactive Anti-Oxidant]
Purified seed oil of ethanolic extract of Carthamus tinctorius

[Hot Oil Treatment] Use with CutisCool™ Biological Gel Hair Cap 

LipiSilk™ Cocoon Night Hair Wrap

Use as natural protein-rich cocoon to condition hair while sleeping, nourishing soft and smooth tresses.

Complete with LipiSilk™ Oil Intensive Hair Treatment in morning.


CutisCool Biological Gel Hair Cap


Detangling Bamboo Brush Comb

100% bamboo bristles & sustainably harvested natural Schima wood. Durable vegan leather backing.

Comb marking is printed with 100% plant-based ink that is environmentally friendly, and is expected to fade with repeated use – does not affect product quality.

LipiSilk™ Cocoon Night Hair Wrap

100% Bombyx Mori / Mulberry Silk. Chemical free.

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CutisCool Biological Gel Hair Cap

[Technology] Made from CMC, a cellulose( plant-derived)-based substance, with an excellent safety record. CutisCool™ Gel is sealed in a leak-proof packaging to form a liquid-solid mixture with a unique thermal capacity with a high latent heat of fusion.

[Sealing Hair Cuticles for Shine] Produces temperatures more cooling but without the discomfort of ice for sealing of hair cuticles for shine.

[Slow Release of Thermal Heat]
Specifically engineered thermal capacity allows comfortable home use of effective heat treatment used normally in salons to increase penetration of hair treatment products.

Detangling Bamboo Brush Comb

[Gentle, Pain-free Detangling] Flexible Cushioning
[Cuticle Smoothening] Anti-Static Bamboo Bristle
[Oil Treated Bristles] Natural Anti-Microbial, Anti-inflammatory
[360° Hand-Polished Bamboo Bristles] Flexible, Scalp Massage

LipiSilk™ Serum Intensive Hair Treatment has unique physicochemical properties that coats and penetrates hair cuticles to repair hair damage and reduce breakage

100% pharmaceutically purified with no additives
Chemical Preservative-Free, Paraben Free
Dermatologist Approved

LipiGro™ Serum Scalp Essence has unique physicochemical properties that inhibits 5a-reductase and promotes hair growth

Chemical Preservative-Free, Paraben Free
Dermatologist Approved

LipiSilk™ Cocoon Night Hair Wrap

[Anti-Static] Detangling, Reduce Hair damage, Flyaways, Frizz,
[Natural Proteins for Hair] Fibroin-Sericin Rich for Repair, Reduce Split-Ends, Breakage
[Hygienic] Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
[Hypoallergenic]  Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Scalp


Hand wash only in cold to luke warm water using a gentle detergent. Hang to dry. Replace every 4-6 months for maximum protein-rich bioactivity of silk wrap for hair repair.


CutisCool Biological Gel Hair Cap

[Cleanse Hair & Scalp]

STEP 1: Apply hair thickening mask on clean shampooed hair and scalp. Use Copper Peptide Hair Regrowth Shampoo for best results.

[Heated Protein Infusion]

STEP 2: Microwave Cap for 60s-90s. Test temperature before use to avoid scalding. For best results, wear a disposable shower cap underneath. Wear for 15-20 minutes while enjoying a cup of tea. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water. Put  pack in freezer for 20 minutes. Apply copper peptide serum on scalp 20-30 drops and massage, apply cold cap after for 5 minutes for anti-inflammatory effect.

Use with LipiSilk™ Serum Intensive Hair Treatment and LipiGro™ Serum Scalp Essence

Regular use of this wood comb on both wet and dry hair will promote:
[Healthy Hair Cuticle] Reduce static, frizz, breakaway hair resulting in smooth, shiny hair.
[Healthy Scalp] Redistributes scalp oils (sebum) to hair shaft, encouraging homeostasis and balance.

Read more about our 7-Step Hair Ritual for a healthy scalp and luscious hair here.

LipiSilk™ Cocoon Night Hair Wrap


Arrange and hold your hair in place, releasing locks into the LipiSilk cocoon as it slides on. We like to twist ours up into a bun at the crown of our head to deliver a subtle wave come morning. But there are many different ways to put your hair up so it looks great when you let it back down.


Be sure to tuck all your hair within your wrap so the elasticated silk edge is completely covering your hairline and the tip of your ears, this will ensure it sits tight, protecting and nourishing your locks all through the night.


Apply LipiSilk™ Oil Intensive Hair Treatment to hair shaft in morning.