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Lipstick workshop – make your own LipSerum Stick

This is a custom compounded order that takes approximately 3 working days to be prepared.


Always wanted to customise your own lipstick? Join us at a virtual workshop with your friends via a discounted rate for a minimum attendance of 3 pax, for your bespoke LipSerum Stick™ Experience.

“It’s not just a lipstick, it’s a cosmeceutical anti-ageing lip serum — designed with a unique chemistry for beautiful colours and textures with our trade secret Pi π-Effect, that’s why we called it the LipSerum Stick™” accredited dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

The Dr. TWL Custom Lip Lab is a dermatologist developed cosmeceutical lipstick laboratory, that allows you to customise your dream lipstick/gloss, to any shade and finish you can imagine! Join us in our virtual Lipstick Workshop!

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Phytoceramides [All-day Hydration]
DNALIP™ [Anti-Wrinkle, Regeneration]
Vitamin E [Natural Anti-oxidant]
100% Pure Mineral Pigment [Long-Lasting]

FDA-Approved Mineral Colorants for Lips
Chemical Preservative-Free, Paraben Free


[The Magic] Solid-state crystals in lipstick at room temperature melt on contact with lips to become a smooth and intensively moisturising lip serum.

[Advanced Colour Science] The Pi-Effect plays with the reflection of microcrystals to turn to a  subtle, healthy and iridescent glow on lips, to enhance your natural lip and skin tone. Intensity and colours fully customisable.

[Cosmeceutical Effect] Intensive phytoceramide formula prevents lip eczema, discolouration, wrinkles and loss of volume.

[Packaging] Silvexia™ UV-Protective Silver coating on tube prevents degradation of clinically active ingredients, ensuring optimum cosmeceutical function.


To achieve perfect wrinkle-free solubility on lips with all natural ingredients, this stick is made softer than conventional lipsticks. It is recommended to apply gently from the bullet or dab an appropriate amount using the fingers, then apply on the lips. Fully customisable in all colours and finishes, from sheer natural to intensely pigmented. Apply liberally to lips several times a day. Suitable for treatment and prevention of lip eczema.