Targeted Sleep Wrinkle Therapeutics – CUIONS™ Anti-Ageing Beauty Pillow

$64.20 (w/gst)


Advanced Copper Ion Technology

[Anti-Wrinkle] ClinicallyProven*Reduction of Facial Wrinkles
[Anti-Bacteria] Suitable for Acne Patients


100% CUIONS™ Copper Synthetic Fibre


Skin Compatibility Tested
Laboratory Certified Effective Copper Concentrations


Wash before first use. Hand wash with mild facial wash and air-dry.
Copper fibre is naturally antibacterial.

Recommended weekly washing to remove physical dirt,
facial oil and particles for optimal fabric performance.

Replace every 4-6 months for maximum copper-rich bioactivity for CUIONSTM.

Does the material of our pillowcase matter?
An average person will spend 229,961 hours in their lifetime sleeping, given that an average person sleeps 8 hours every night. Dermatologists advice that the material in contact with your skin, especially your pillowcase, should also be non-irritating and breathable. Silk have traditionally been recommended to be the best fabric to be used against skin.

A landmark study done in 2012 by a group of Korean dermatologists demonstrated that there is statistically significant results between the groups of patients sleeping on the pillowcases containing copper-impregnated fibers, as compared to the control pillowcases. These copper cases were stringently manufactured to have a concentration of 1%. The skin surface topography and condition was analyzed at the commencement of the trials and after 2, 4 and 8 weeks (where relevant) by skin imaging equipment, photography, and by expert graders.

Where is copper usually found?
Copper is naturally occurring and is involved in many physiological and metabolic processes critical for the appropriate functioning of almost all tissues in the human body. In the skin, copper is involved in the synthesis and stabilization of extracellular matrix skin proteins and angiogenesis.

Is copper safe to be used?
Copper is usually available as a chemical compound of copper sulfate which is soluble in water and hence unsuitable to be incorporated into fabrics due to the washing out for every cycle.
However, the technology now exists to incorporate insoluble nanoparticles to coat each strand of fibre to produce 100% copper fibre fabric. Copper nanoparticles have been mentioned considerably because of its unique optical, catalytic, antibacterial, antifungal, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties