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Dr. Teo Wan Lin (Zhang Wanlin; Chinese: 张婉琳) is a Dermatologist in Singapore practising at TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, and a key opinion leader on cosmeceuticals and skincare/makeup formulation. Dr. Teo is also the founder of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a cosmeceutical skincare line formulated for sensitive, problem skin. As a result of her continuous R&D efforts in the field of cosmeceuticals, Dr. Teo developed the Custom Mask Bar System, which was launched in February 2020. A pioneering advancement in the area of home-based facial aesthetic systems, the Custom Mask Bar System is a personalised prescriptive. It enables topical delivery of cosmeceutical actives via her proprietary MoistureMax Polysaccharide Mask.

“Functional dermatology is increasingly culminating on a holistic patient approach. This involves pharmaceutically active cosmetic ingredients specifically tailored to individual patient concerns. The Mask Bar System allows non-invasive intensive delivery of individualised active ingredients. They target specific concerns, like pigmentation, oily/acne prone skin and eczema,” Dr. Teo Wan Lin, Dermatologist in Singapore.

Dr Teo is the author of the Skincare Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical Skincare, initially an e-book publication with Barnes and Noble, and available in bookstores islandwide from January 2020. As a prominent Dermatologist in Singapore, she is an expert regularly on judging panels for yearly magazine Beauty Awards. For example, with Singapore Women’s Weekly and Her World, which are leading Women’s publications in Singapore. Dr. Teo was also the expert medical dermatologist on sensitive skin consulting in the launch of the Gilette Venus Sensitive Razor in Singapore. In December 2019, she was invited as a scientific speaker for the press conference of Dior Skincare’s Capture Totale Serum Launch. More recently, she is part of the 4-person judging panel for the inaugural Men’s Folio Grooming Awards July 2020. 

On the research front as an expert medical Dermatologist in Singapore, Dr. Teo is the first author of many research studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals. These included the areas of skin cancers, skin surgery, allergies as well as pigmentation disorders, which Dr Teo presents in international conferences. Notably, one such study was by skincare supplement giant, Crystal Tomato®, at the Singapore National Skin Centre, where Dr Teo was the lead author for the project. This was Crystal Tomato®’s primary medical study on pigmentation and published in the Journal of Pigmentary Disorders in December 2014.

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