Haircare Bible Dermatologist's Tips For Haircare Hair Loss

NEW ARRIVAL Hardcover Edition: Haircare Bible – Dermatologist’s Tips on Haircare and Hair Loss (Free Gift of COPPER PEPTIDE HAIR REGROWTH SERUM Whilst Stocks Last)

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In this book, Dr. Teo Wan Lin presents some of the commonest haircare questions that is catered to both beauty afficianados as well as sufferers of hair conditions such as hair loss, sensitive scalp and dandruff for tips on home hair and scalp care. Chemists who seek to understand the perspective of a dermatologist in haircare formulas, and individuals with an interest in haircare formulations will also find this a thorough and helpful read. Hair cosmeceuticals – for both the scalp and hair shaft, as well as best grooming practices are shared in a friendly FAQ format. Latest medial advances in hair research are also covered in a lay-person friendly format.