Types of Hyperpigmentation – Skincare Masterclass

Skincare Masterclass by Dr.TWL®Spotlight on Pigmentation: Is There An Ideal Skincare Routine? Introduction to Skincare Masterclass Series by Dr.TWL®Welcome! I’m Dr Teo Wan Lin, board-certified dermatologist, host of beauty podcast…

Instant Brightening Skincare: 5 Best Products Dermatologist Approved

We are told when we hear something that's too good to be true, it probably isn't. With claims such as instant results, instant brightening skincare…it is no wonder that has us wondering if it is truly the case. Well, it turns out that some…

Best Coenzyme Q10 Skincare Products

What is LARECEA Extract? It is the best antioxidant skincare ingredient developed by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals that contains Coenzyme Q10.  The LARECEA extract has been incorporated in our skincare line, researched by dermatologists…

What is Niacinamide and The Benefits of it in Your Skincare Routine

Nicotinamide, more commonly known as niacinamide, has held star status in the beauty community as an effective skin care ingredient. While beauty and skincare trends may come and go, we all love a multi-functional product in our routine.

Dermatologist Take On Scars – Can Chicken Pox Scars be Removed?

Chicken Pox Scars are divided primarily into 2 major types. For type 1 scars, these tend to fade over the course of 6 months up to 2 years after the infection blows over, and tend not to cause many problems. If you find yourself having scars after chicken pox or even acne, here’s a DIY approach I recommend you can try first.

Perfect Sunscreen for Singapore’s Weather

Keep our SunProtector™ with you at all times to reapply every two hours. This dermatologist-approved sunscreen has an SPF rating of 50 and is broad spectrum. It is also light-weight, perfect for Singapore’s weather.

Best Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Her Javanese-Chinese heritage shows in her distinct exotic looks, setting her apart in any crowd. In this exclusive interview, Nandya shares about her beauty and skincare habits that help her to achieve youthful and healthy skin with Dr. TWL Dermaceuticals’ Vitá C GOLD™ Serum.

Can Pigmentation Be Treated?

Living in a place like Singapore, we are exposed to more ultraviolet radiation than most other regions across the globe. Over long periods of time, however, this radiation can cause our skin to undergo a form of discoloration, which is also known as pigmentation.