Dr.TWL™ Skincare Makeup Palette

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Skincare in a palette? We got you. Carry this with you everywhere you go for quick touch-ups, a dose of pretty pink on your lip and cheeks while delivering antioxidants to your skin. Now in a limited edition set at $150 with free gifts.

For Radiant Rosy Complexion with CC cream and Blush with Antioxidants for Blendable, Buildable Application

CellTalk™ Cosmeceutical CC Cream

BEAUTY BY DR.TWL PHARMACY EXCLUSIVE: Frosted glass bottle with bamboo airless pump. Upsized to 33 mls. 2022 NEW: Customise your serum foundation with plant actives from our formulary. FREE ULTRA HD PORE-BLURRING TRIANGLE MAKEUP SPONGE. While stocks last.

Serum Foundation. Dermatologist-Approved for All Skin Types including Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive/Dry Skin. Sweat Resistant.

[Sheer to Full Coverage]
Science Meets Makeup

Blush Bar for Lips & Cheeks

A Rosy Glow For Lips & Cheeks 

Made from edible nut oils and infused with 100% pure mineral pigments for buildable long wearing lip and cheek colour. Colour engineering with ASTARED™, a natural colorant present in edible algae, also an effective blue light filter with anti-pollution properties. Allergen & Preservative free. Vitamin E antioxidants and botanical oils keep the formula fresh and stable

Anti-Ageing Lip Wand™

Designed for use with our lip cosmeceuticals. Engineered with Biomimetic Synthetic Fibre Technology, the ultra-fine, hypoallergenic fibres ensure precise and comfortable application for sensitive, ageing lips. The lip brush dissolves the light reflecting crystal structure of our LipSerums to reveal perfect luminescence while providing gentle exfoliation. Cuticle-free.

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CellTalk™ Cosmeceutical CC Cream

Complexion stays dewy fresh all day with potent anti-oxidant infusion. This serum foundation minimises darkening or oxidation at the end of the day. Designed for long wear finish.

Blush Bar for Lips & Cheeks

The only makeup palette you ever need. The Blush Bar is designed to deliver EVERY shade of glorious pinks, corals and reds that you desire- for a lip and cheek blush in a moisturising, luminescent, glowy finish! Finished with an infusion of Astaxanthin.

[Silvexia UV-Protective Palette] Durable portable palette, designed to fit into your standard makeup bag for on-the-go creation of lipstains! Coated with a sophisticated finish with advanced materials engineering technology. UV-protective anodized silver prevents UV-degradation of cosmeceutical active ingredients. Perfect for travel.

[Eco-friendly, Zero Waste Makeup Concept] The magnetic palette system allows creation of your own unique palette, with easy swopping out and add-on of additional tins— including our cream blush, highlighters and cream shadow formulas!

Anti-Ageing Lip Wand™

[Smart Cap System] Portable, hygienic
[Silvexia ™ Casing] UV-protective anodized silver prevents fibre-degradation
[Anti-Microbial] [Cruelty-Free]
[Hypoallergenic] [Allergy free]


CellTalk™ Cosmeceutical CC Cream

Cleanse and moisturise your face following the Dr.TWL cosmeceutical skincare ritual, with SunProtector™ as the final step. Apply an appropriate amount of CC cream on back of hand, using the SofSmooth™ Blender or Ultra HD Pore-Blurring Triangle Makeup Sponge, smooth outwards over the entire face. Finish with spritz of Mineral Booster™. 

Let’s Play! Blush Bar Virtual Mixer

  1. CHOOSE your favourite base colour
  2. TRANSFER small amount to empty SILVER TIN

For PINKS: adjust with pigment DILUTER

For CORALS: brighten with LUMINIZER

OR get CREATIVE with every shade in between! 

Anti-Ageing Lip Wand™

[Directions for use] Designed for use as precise applicator for anti-ageing lip cosmeceuticals. Can also be used with regular lipstick, gloss and serum

[Material] Synthetic fibres engineered with proprietary technology by Dr.TWL Biomaterials. These fibres have undergone stringent testing for safety for lip-application