Elixir-V™ Total Recovery Serum



CoQ10 Vitamin Serum with Ubiquinone
Aquaporin Barrier Repair With Glyceryl Glucoside

Intensely nourishing concentrate of deep hydrating, lifting and tightening peptides for the perfect V-face look.

Contains Larecea™ our trademarked extract of Brassica oleracea (a botanical extract from cruciferous family plants) and a super-power Japanese Knotweed plant extract which is a source of trans-resveratrol, a potent anti-oxidant that enhances cellular regeneration at night, without the irritation effects of traditional retinoids.

Integrated humectant formula with polyglutamic acid & hyaluronic acid for intensive hydration and reducing appearance of pores. Polyglutamic acid is 5x more potent than hyaluronic acid in trapping moisture under the skin.


Centella Asiatica [Acne Scar Lightening]

Larecea™ [Regeneration] [Anti-Acne]

Resveratrol [Anti-oxidant]

Potent Oligopeptides [Lifting] [Repair]

Polyglutamic Acid/Hyaluronic Acid [Humectant] [Pore Reduction]

Recommended for use with Qraser™ Cosmeceutical Transdermal Delivery Patch for Forehead Wrinkles, Smile Lines (Nasolabial Folds) and Custom Cut Mask (Neck Lifting, Cheek Scars, Stretch Marks)


Intensely nourishing concentrate of deep hydrating, lifting and tightening peptides.

Anti-scarring, contains Phytochemical Centella Asiatica, anti-inflammatory for acne cysts, scars and sensitive skin.

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Can be used together with the Elixir-V Eye Cream for the undereye area for total rejuvenation and lifting.

Apply 3 drops to work evenly onto entire face & neck evening according to diagram above.