Digital Gratitude Journal Printable for Women With Guided Prompts, Inspirational Quotes & Bonus Coloring Pages for Mindfulness

A Gratitude Journal for Women based on the hit “Girls With Long Hair” podcast series by internationally renowned beauty expert Dr.TWL.

Why You Will Love This:

  • Best Value Daily Journal/Planner 
  • 90/180 Days of Beauty – Duo Format Planner
  • Option of Single-Page (180 Days) or Double Page (90 Days) for Daily Journal Entries
  • Both Dotted Journal & Lined Templates
  • 7 Bonus Therapeutic Coloring Pages 
  • Create Your Own Beauty Card Collectibles Collection With Scissor Craft Activity 
  • 8 BONUS Bookmarks 
  • Customise Your Journal With Colorful Ribbons
  • Cut-Out Template for Free Expandable Back Pocket Add-On

Comes with a free e-book of daily journal quotes by Dr.TWL for you to get inspired. Instant access download QR code included.

Create Custom Cover!

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One of a kind, beautifully illustrated digital cover art based on “Girls With Long Hair” podcast series by Dr.TWL. Explore your thoughts and emotions as part of your daily self-care routine. Created by Dr. Teo Wan Lin the author of “On Thoughts, Emotions, Facial Expressions & Aging” research on the Brain-Skin Connection published in the International Journal of Dermatology. A mindfulness activity to induce healing states for the mind and body. 

“Every girl, every woman’s beauty story, written by them”-Dr.TWL

A personalised daily journal chronicling life’s ups and downs. A most beautiful memoir & keepsake. A meaningful gift for yourself or a friend!

Duo format journal offers up to 180 Days of Journalling! On days you prefer to draw, doodle or sketch, be uninhibited and get creative on the dotted journal pages. Use the lined templates to fill in your own favorite quotes, or get inspired by Dr.TWL on her podcast!

Limited Time Deal: Bonus 100 Days of Guided Prompts for Women “Be Beautiful Just The Way You Are” instant download access included

Downloadable BONUS 100 Guided Prompts in  Beautiful Printable Templates /IG Post Template

Editable, reprintable in full color high resolution

Original digital illustrations with global secret garden theme 

Add quotes to your daily journal collection.

One of a kind limited edition Butterfly Beauty Card Collection. Get crafty with a pair of scissors, color pencils/markers to create your own long haired beauty! Glue to cardboard and write your favourite quotes at the back to remind and inspire yourself!

BONUS 7 Beauty Card Coloring Collectibles 

Cut-out templates of 8 beautiful bookmarks with space for your favorite quotes! Glue it to cardboard and you have a gorgeous heirloom bookmark!

Includes download access to 8 full color high resolution digital wallpaper of Butterfly Beauties for your own infinite reprints, or for your phone wallpaper! 

Lifetime access to Girls With Long Hair Community with complimentary e-guides to skincare and haircare by Dr.TWL

We are not done! Here’s an offer you can’t refuse. Instructions for our ingenious hack complete with made to measure, cut-out templates to build your own expandable back pocket for your gratitude  journal.

Get creative! Accessorize with your own colored ribbons, easily swop colors out with our creative cut-out feature inbuilt into the paperback journal.Get it to experience all the wonderful benefits of creativity!