Dream Concealer Color Correction

Dream Concealer™

Personalized Color Correction

A personalized color makeup product from Dr. TWL Pharmacy, a Conscious Concept focusing on sustainable and cruelty-free beauty.

This is a custom compounded order that takes approximately 3 working days to be prepared.


All our concealer packages come with
1. Minimum 1 color corrector (per area)
2. Skin tone color corrector (to apply after color corrector)
3. Cosmeceutical Blender™ – SofSculptor™  or Cosmeceutical Blender™ – SofSmooth™ (for perfect application of concealer)

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100% Mineral Pigments Without Bulking Agents
Bismuth Oxychloride(BMO)/Talc-free
FDA Eye/Lip Approved
[Cosmeceutical Base]
Oligopeptides [Lifting][Repair]
Niacinamide [Brightening]
LARECEA™ Extract [Regeneration]


Pi- π – The Cosmeceutical Custom Makeup Lab
A Dermatologist Designed Gender Neutral Colour Corrector
Gender Neutral Skincare Makeup is the Future of Beauty


Personalized skincare makeup should have:

  • Pigment to counteract blemishes
  • Cosmeceutical base for skin healing
  • Self-titration according to intensity of blemishes


Algorithmic titrations are available in tub or syringe formula, with base that can be adjusted. The pigment intensity chose for you based on your consultation can be titrated using the base formula that comes with your colour correction package.

Here’s how:

1. With the respective colour for your blemishes, use the syringe to apply 0.1ml of the formula (for a tub formula, have 1/8 fingertip amount) and test spot over the affected area

2. Blend in with the Cosmeceutical Blender.

3. Dilute with the base if the result is too intense.

4. Apply the skin tone concealer and the CC cream after.

How to use the dream concealer:


Prep, Apply and Set with MINERAL BOOSTER™


Mist the concealer tip of Blender


Cheeks / bronzing / sculpting: SofSculptor

Precision conceal (i.e under eye, corners, spots): Sofsmooth

  1. Pick up a small amount of color corrector using the blender and apply it on desired area.*

*Depending on the intensity of color correction, it is normal to see the colors directly on your skin as this achieves the color cancellation effect. For those who require maximal coverage, the intensity of the pigment will be the highest. For this, it is necessary to use the High Coverage Cosmeceutical Concealer, or the CellTalk CC Cream can also be used directly over the Dream Concealer.

CellTalk™ CC cream is the total color correcting cream to even out your entire skin tone

SET Apply mist to entire face and neck . Hold the bottle 15cm away and spray with circular movement. Avoid the eyes.


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