Skincare regimen & products for 12-year olds

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Hi Dr. Teo,

Hope you are well.

What are the appropriate skincare regimen and facial products, if any, for 12-year old boys? I have started noticing little bumps on my sons’ cheeks and chins.

Thanks & regards,
Megan Chen

Administrator Answered question January 28, 2022

Hi Megan,

Between the ages of 10 to 14, both boys and girls start to secrete sex hormones. Puberty is determined by the onset of the secretion of sex hormones, the timing of which varies slightly between individuals and may occur in stages over a period of several years. Where the skin is concerned, there is certainly an influence of sex hormones on overall skin texture, appearance and function. Testosterone is responsible for the production of oil. This is the cause of teens developing greasier skin. Sex hormones are chemicals which trigger off the activity of oil glands, which are also known as the sebaceous glands because they produce sebum.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on acne and teenage acne, we have a new book launch – Acne Care Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips For Acne Treatment & Prevention, that covers skincare during puberty.

In terms of a skincare regimen, we recommend the Miel Honey Cleanser as a good start, and a pimple cream. However, if you observe that his skin condition is not getting better, visit an accredited dermatologist to diagnose and treat the condition early.

Administrator Answered question January 28, 2022
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