Freckles treatment

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What is the best way to treat freckles without laser?

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Freckles are usually genetic and appear from early childhood. They are harmless and associated with fair skin types. Treating with lasers is not always fool proof as it can cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation 

Dermatologists usually recommend  leaving freckles alone. Dark spots however, or age spots can be cosmetically disturbing for some people. Targeted lasers in combination with chemical peels and spot treatment with hydroquinone or retinoid based creams is prescribed by dermatologists.

Most importantly, they maybe a sign of excessive skin damage from UV and environmental damage.

Sunscreen, antioxidant skincare should be included in your skincare regimen. Skin resilience is the focus at our pharmacy, where we understand most Singaporeans have to be exposed to year round UV one way or another. So while we practice reasonable sun avoidance, sun protection can also take the form of skin strengthening skincare. Antioxidants for example can increase your skin’s resilience by improving its ability to handle oxidative stress

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