How to treat baby eczema?

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My toddler of 2 years has a kind of ezcema in the inside of wrists, back of knees and back of elbows in the creases. It is certainly ichy for her. We need to apply amounts of cream to diminish the itchiness and soothe her skin. When out of Singapore the skin condition is better.

Dr. Teo Wan Lin Answered question June 7, 2022

Hi Luz!

The key here is that not all moisturisers are made equal. Here are some ingredients which you should look out for in your moisturiser formula. Firstly, a ceramide-dominant moisturiser is currently the standard for all moisturisers. Ceramides mimic what is naturally present on the surface of the skin. It is thought of as the cement or the glue that joints the skin cells together. On top of that, you should also look out for traditional moisturising ingredients known as humectants which trap moisture under the surface of the skin and prevents water loss to the environment known as transepidermal water loss. Glycerin is an example of an active ingredient functioning as a humectant. Its been used in moisturiser formulas in the last few decades. It is widely available and also effective. More than that, paediatric dermatologists have actually come up with the gold standard type of moisturiser formulas for children and also babies who have dry skin, eczema or simply want to prevent the onset of these symptoms. This type of moisturiser is known as a prescription emollient device. A prescription emollient device has the following components – Firstly, it should have the ideal lipid balance that mimics the natural balance present on intact healthy skin. This helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier. In addition, it has additional anti-inflammatory active ingredients which are usually plant-based from botanicals because these have been found to have inherent anti-inflammatory effects. This can reduce reliance on topical steroids for example for individuals who are suffering from eczema.

Read all about our research in the best baby moisturiser ingredients here.

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