Deep Cleanse Your Scalp With This Shampoo Brush Mimics ideal pressure scalp massage with compressible cushion to stimulate scalp circulation, exfoliation and hair regrowth.

“This shampoo brush is designed to stand out from regular brushes. The elastic cushion, precision engineered for optimal recoil to mimic the natural feel of human fingers during a scalp massage- adapting to various head shapes and applying just the optimal amount of pressure. The rounded tips ensure zero friction or traction. Delivering a scalp massage experience that induces deep relaxation, enhances scalp circulation and stimulating hair regrowth” – Chief Scientific Officer & Founding Dermatologist Dr. Teo Wan Lin.

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Directions for Use:

Apply your favorite shampoo or use with Dr TWL Degreasing/Spa shampoo for best results. Massage onto scalp freely without worries of damaging hair. Suited for those with oily, flaky scalp, thinning hair.