Collagen Up Anti Ageing Facial Wand

CollagenUP™ Facial Wand

Complimentary Amino Acid 360° Masque (worth $235.40) with every CollagenUP

$930.90 $695.50 (w/gst)


Cleansing + Treatment + Toning
Radiofrequency + Red Photon + Blue Photon
+ EMS/Microcurrent

Dermatologist Designed
For Use with Cosmeceuticals

FDA Approved Device*
Ultimate Home-based Skin Rejuvenation System

Dr.TWL Biomaterials is the material science research and development arm of Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, focusing on novel biomaterials for skin/hair applications. Product development is headed by its team of material scientists and engineers, in consultation with an accredited dermatologist.

Smart Skin/Hair Home Devices
In conjunction with leading engineers, Dr.TWL Biomaterials develops a range of US FDA-approved home-based skincare/hair care devices for the ultimate skin savvy millennial.

*created for the USA market. Comes with an international adapter for purchases outside USA.



How is the CollagenUP Wand different from other home facial devices?

The CollagenUp is an FDA approved home radiofrequency device which increases absorption and helps in skin cleansing and moisturizing in addition to photofacial light functions. The commercially available chromotherapy devices provide only localized LED light treatments without radiofrequency.


CollagenUP Facial Wand MUSE Feature Increase Collagen Growth


[Radiofrequency] Clinically proven in studies for increased collagen & elastin, skin tightening
[Electrical Muscle Stimulation & Microcurrent] Reduce forehead wrinkles¹⁻², stimulate innate collagen production and increased serum absorption
[Red Photon Therapy] Enhance cellular metabolism and regeneration
[Blue Photon Therapy] Anti-acne
[Cold Therapy] Anti-inflammatory


Stay tuned for our dermatologist-designed AI system that integrates teledermatology & functional skincare#t#eledermatology #d#ermatology #f#yp #s#kin

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Refer to detailed instruction manual attached. Each one of our products is dermatologist approved and its claims are supported by rigorous strict laboratory and clinical testing. Please use the device only for its intended purpose as described in the manual.

ModeFunctionUse with Dr.TWL’s Cosmeceuticals
CleanCleans skin deeply and thoroughly using positive ions.Le Lait Milk Cleanser

Miel Honey Cleanser

MoistureClinically proven in studies to increase collagen & elastin, increases skin absorption of moisturising productsAmino Acid 360 Masque
MicrocurrentMicrocurrent stimulates innate collagen production and increased serum absorptionMoisturiser
RF LEDRed Photon Therapy : Enhance cellular metabolism and regeneration
Elixir-V Total Recovery Serum

Radiance Fluide Hydrating Emulsion


Blue Photon Therapy : Anti-Acne

Dr.TWL’s Blemish Spot Cream


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(2) Konstantinou E, Zagoriti Z, Pyriochou A, Poulas K. Microcurrent Stimulation Triggers MAPK Signaling and TGF-β1 Release in Fibroblast and Osteoblast-Like Cell Lines. Cells. 2020 Aug 19;9(9):1924. doi: 10.3390/cells9091924. PMID: 32825091; PMCID: PMC7564311.