What could hurt your skin

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What products from the store could hurt your skin?

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My general advice is to go for gentle cleansers formulated for universal skin types. If you have a history of sensitive skin or skin that is easily irritated, you may wish to avoid retinol, salicylic acid and AHA containing products found OTC. There are retinol alternatives such as bakuchiol, peptides. We use papain as a chemical peel  in our pharmacy which has anti inflammatory properties and can soothe the skin. In general plant based skincare can be considered gentler on skin, although we must be aware that essential oils are often caustic on skin. The key is to use a well formulated product. For example one that has a good balance of active ingredients in a moisturizing base that is also suited for your local climate. In the case of Singapore, cream based products are usually quite uncomfortable  for daytime use.

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