How can I improve my oily skin

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I tried to change my diet but my oily skin has been there for years and it’s quite annoying. How can I improve on my skin better?

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Diet is important for overall health, including that of your skin. One rich in antioxidants, or colorful fruits and vegetables increases your skin’s ability to fight free radical damage. Avoid oily trans or saturated  fat rich food, as this can increase sebum production in those already acne prone. How to manage oily skin depends on how severe it is- 

Mild symptoms which do not disturb ones quality of life: 

Suggest to optimize skincare. Use a gentle cleanser that balances out oil production, avoid harsh astringents such as alcohol based toners. Moisturize with serums and facial mists, lotions 

Moderate symptoms:

Consider chemical peels. Home based regimens are available even for those with sensitive skin using alternatives such as papain and bromelain. Microdermabrasion is helpful (link silk peel)

Severe symptoms which disturb one’s daily activities:

Discuss with your dermatologist about isotretinoin which will dramatically reduce oil gland activity.

For all severities, it is recommended to use cosmetics that help to mattify the complexion

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