Acne and post acne scars

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I’m suffering from acne since when I was diagnosed with pcos my post acne scars are horrible leaving my skin dark , pigmentation forehead around mouth under arms how can I get rid of it iwas using my skin care but no result suggest me good products

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Acne is sometimes associated with folliculitis – acne like bumps on other parts of the body including underarms, groin area. There is a condition known as the follicular occlusion triad, which can be debilitating and ought to be followed up with a dermatologist. For PIH scarring, the key here is to control underlying inflammation with oral medications first as the first line. Topical treatment can be useful adjuncts. Using an antibacterial wash with lightening extracts , applying spot treatment that also helps with pigmentation as well as antioxidants such as Vitamin C and resveratrol can help with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

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