How to i get rid of maskne

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How do i take control of Maskne

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Maskne is a form of acne mechanica, due to occlusion of the skin surface. Healthy skin has a balance of good and bad germs, and this is also because there is air flow over the surface of the skin. 

Our top tips are

  1. Use a biofunctional textile to protect your skin even when using it under a n95 mask
  2. Using a gentle antibacterial cleanser such as the Miel Honey Cleanser
  3. Use plant based or botanical formulas for spot acne treatment rather than benzoyl peroxide or retinoids to minimize irritation
  4. Always consider other possible diagnosis such as perioral dermatitis and eczema. If you are not better, do see a dermatologist 
  5. Hydrocolloid patches can be helpful under masks for inflamed angry pimples
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