Constant new pimples forming especially on my chin area and then trying to get rid of those scars

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I’m a guy and i have been trying different skincare products but to no avail. I am constantly getting new pimples especially on my chin area. Its not super serious like acne, however, it does cause surface scarring. I am trying to find a skincare routine that can help to minimise or stop the new pimples from occurring and also get rid of the scarring. Can you help in advising a full skincare routine for me to follow?

Rachel Tan Answered question July 29, 2020

Hi there! If you have noticed more than 5 pimples every month and this has been going on for at least six weeks, you may have a problem of acne. Acne itself is not considered a normal part of healthy skin although it is very common for teenagers entering into puberty and young adults who continue to have greasy skin to suffer from acne breakouts. Now, if you truly have acne then you may require medical treatment such as a course of pharmacotherapy with oral medications with prescription medication by an accredited dermatologist. You may read more about acne treatment in this article written by our dermatologist. However, if you find that your breakouts are occasional and do not fulfill the criteria mentioned above, then you may consider using cosmeceuticals skincare first for your acne. The principles of treatment will be as follows. Firstly, with an antibacterial facial cleanser such as the Miel honey cleanser. Medical grade honey is able to suppress the development of harmful bacteria such as propionibacterium acne that causes acne as well as bacteria such as gram-negative bacteria which cause secondary bacterial infections in somebody that’s predisposed to acne. This is what causes your flare-ups and pus on your skin. The second cornerstone of over-the-counter treatment would be an effective spot treatment. Blemish spot cream contains chlorella Vulgaris extract which is anti-oil and anti-sebum. It helps to regulate the greasiness of your skin. You may find that switching to hyaluronic acid or polyglutamic acid-based moisturizer is better than a traditional greasy moisturizer if you suffer from acne. The hyaluronic acid serum and Mineral booster contain polyglutamic acid which is an efficient hydrator for acne-prone skin. Finally, you may wish to do a mechanical peel that can be done at home with a home device known as a silk peel. It is an alternative to a chemical peel performed in the clinic. Microdermabrasion is an effective technique to reduce the retention of skin cells which will aggravate the acne conditions and also help to regulate the turnover of skin cells. This ensures a healthy skin appearance, minimizing enlarged pores and irregular skin texture.

I hope this helps with your question.

Dr Teo Wan Lin


TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre

Rachel Tan Edited answer July 29, 2020
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