Can I use multiple colours of light treatment in a day

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If I need to use different colors of light treatment, should I only do 1 colour 10 mins a day? Or I can use for 2 or 3 colors but each color 10 mins a day?

Should I alternate the use of lights or be consistent with 1 colour for few sessions before switching to other lights? 

Administrator Answered question April 12, 2022

You will check your concerns on the form attached on the website here. After that we will send you your customized treatment regimen recommended by our dermatologist. We usually focus on 1-2 main concerns for first month and after that give a maintenance regimen. Generally our regimens are 3 times a week 10 minutes each time only and focusing on 1-2 colours per week. 

Administrator Answered question April 12, 2022
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