Skincare Materials Bundle


This dress is designed by the Dr.TWL Team, with pattern masters and designers to create our signature LyoSilk™ Wrap Dress, which can be worn with the LyoSilk™ Scarf in 7 gorgeous ways!

Our quality guarantee— our dresses are made from authentic LyoSilk™, from 100% sustainable plant cellulose fibres, our proprietary textile technology from Dr. TWL Biomaterials, which are laboratory tested to be
[Sweat-Wicking] Sweat Mark-Resistant

Choose from:

Dove Grey

Coral Red

Mustard (Limited Edition Royal Cranes Chinese Painting on Back)

*State dress colour and size (S/M or M/L)  in the checkout order notes

Surgical Steel Earrings 

[316L Surgical Steel] Implant grade
[Hypoallergenic] Reduce sensitisation(allergy) risk
[Nickel-Free] Lab-tested compliant
[Tarnish Proof] Optimal maintenance


This piece of jewellery is made from 100% implant quality 316L surgical/medical grade stainless steel. 18K gold/rose gold plating is applied for the coloured gold color series.

Choose from:

Geometric Diamond Drop Earrings

Geometric Triangle Drop Earrings

Heart Stud Earrings

Minimalist Bar Stud Earrings

Three Heart Stud Earrings

*State choice of earring style and colour (Silver, 18K Gold or Rose Gold) in the checkout order notes

Copper Pillow Case – CUIONS™ Anti-Ageing

Advanced Copper Ion Technology

[Anti-Wrinkle] ClinicallyProven*Reduction of Facial Wrinkles
[Anti-Bacteria] Suitable for Acne Patients


100% CUIONS™ Copper Synthetic Fibre

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Lyosilk™ Wrap Dress
[Comfortable Elasticised Waist with Gathers] Adjustable Waistline
[Seamless Flowing Sleeves] Accentuates your natural frame for a feminine silhouette
[Drape] Minimises the waist while enhancing your natural curves

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Surgical Steel Earrings 

It is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin individuals, as well as those with nickel allergy. It is dermatologist approved for pierced ears and other pierced parts of the human body. It has been strictly tested to be compliant under laboratory conditions to have a nickel release value <0.25μg/cm2/week. Wearing such jewellery is clinically proven to reduce risk of sensitisation(allergy) to nickel throughout one’s lifetime. Copper Pillow Case – CUIONS™ Anti-Ageing

Dermatologist Approved
Skin Compatibility Tested
Laboratory Certified Effective Copper Concentrations



Wear LyoSilk™ Wrap Dress with the LyoSilk™Scarf in 7 gorgeous ways!

Neck Scarf
Sophisticate 1: Front draped around the neck
Sophisticate 2:Back draped around the neck
Runway: Central bow tie
French Chic: Side shoulder tie

Waist Belt
Girl Next Door: High waist front bow
Chinoiserie Chic: Waist kimono style bow
Casual Chic: Side-tie waist bow


Lyosilk™ can be safely laundered in the washing machine at 30 degrees temperature setting.

Copper Pillow Case – CUIONS™ Anti-Ageing

Wash before first use. Hand wash with mild facial wash and air-dry.
Copper fibre is naturally antibacterial.

Recommended weekly washing to remove physical dirt,
facial oil and particles for optimal fabric performance.

Replace every 4-6 months for maximum copper-rich bioactivity for CUIONS.