Pure and Natural Water Peeling Gel ~ Polysaccharide Exfoliating Jelly Mask

This is a custom compounded order that will be shipped out from Dec 26 2023 onwards.


Polysaccharide Exfoliating Jelly Mask

[30g] Powder to [100ml] Jelly 

Microbiome Balancing Jelly Exfoliant for Instant Radiance
With Brown Algae & Bacterial Ferment
100% Preservative/Additive/Allergen free
Water-Activated Powder to Jelly Exfoliant

2023 Update: includes gentle fruit enzyme peel with papaya

Suitable for sensitive skin, aging skin, eczema, skin flaking and redness
All areas including face, neck, hands and body

Discover water-based, chemical surfactant-free cleansing methods

“Those with sensitive skin and eczema often struggle with finding suitable exfoliation methods that do not irritate their skin further. Skin dullness and lack of radiance are common complaints – exfoliation is a clinically proven method of accelerating skin cell renewal. This is vital for those with aging skin who desire brightening effects without irritation side effects. The premise of the Jelly Exfoliant is to offer those with sensitive skin a gentle yet effective method of skin cell exfoliation, without acids and increasing hydration levels. The brown algae and bacterial ferment form a peel-off mask that hydrates and improves the skin microenvironment,” Chief Scientific Officer & Dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin 

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[Ultra-Hydrating] Polysaccharides

[Microbiome] Bacterial Ferment

[Exfoliation] Skin Cell Renewal


Can be used on face, neck, hands and body.

Leave on for 5-10 min. Rinse with cool water.