Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary With Flashcards & Workbook



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The Skincare Ingredient Dictionary: A Millennial Edit

Discover State-Of-The-Art Functional Dermatology

The must-have skincare ingredients handbook with the latest in bacterial ferment filtrates, aquaporin regulators and granactive retinoids. Created for skin experts, this book is jam-packed with core and specialised cosmetic formulation secrets by the chief scientific officer of leading Asian clinical skincare brand Dr TWL Dermaceuticals. Includes resources for creating a custom skincare line catered for small business owners or DIY beauty enthusiasts.

Ditch outdated textbook or dictionary-style rote learning, this is a course created for true content mastery—a skincare dictionary essential for millennial beauty experts

Become a skin expert under the Dr.TWL Skin Masters Program

  • Optimised interactive learning program with workbook
  • Systematic foundation building course created for true mastery
  • Takes you from beginner/intermediate to advanced without difficulty
  • Outstanding visuals for attention retention
  • Content blueprints, speed guides for quick recap & reference
  • Bullet-style lecture notes
  • Flash cards(cut-out), mind-map method worksheets
  • Module-specific video workshops & community access

Divided into 10 modules, the Skin Masters Program introduces must-know skincare actives in the context of skin physiology & functions, taught by a board-certified dermatologist.

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What you’ll learn

  • A-Z all-you-need-to-know comprehensive guide to state-of-the-art cosmeceuticals
  • Shortform notes for quick recap & mastery
  • Emphasis on knowledge application focused on skin concerns
  • How to create custom formulated skincare safely & effectively, sourcing raw materials (small business, DIY beauty)
  • Synthetic cosmeceuticals vs botanicals (function, subtypes, skin penetration, clinical studies)
  • Master the gold standard* retinoid family of actives for all skin types without harming the skin barrier
  • Core syllabus with detailed notes and course workbook (worksheets)
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Polyglutamic acid
    • Vitamin C
    • Niacinamide
    • Ceramides
    • Retinoid alternatives
    • Resveratrol
    • Peptides
    • Hydroquinone & alternatives: kojic acid, arbutin
  • Novel ingredients based on latest dermatological research
  • Specialised syllabus organised according to skin function
    • Sensitive skin & barrier repair: amino acids, aquaporin mediators
    • Acne & rosacea: microbiome friendly botanicals
    • Pigmentation: bacterial ferment filtrates
    • Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF), Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin U
  • Ethnobotanical dictionary (principles of Eastern, Ayurvedic ethnopharmacology & application to modern cosmetic formulation)

Additional Topics Covered

  • How to choose skincare ingredients for your skin type
  • Dermatologist’s guide to ingredient mixing & pairing
  • Customising the ideal skincare regimen on a rotational basis for maximum efficacy
  • Navigating ingredient safety in pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • Formulation secrets to success
  • Starting a skincare line (partner selection, social media marketing, templates & brand-building)
  • Becoming a beauty influencer (personal branding, social media post content creation, building a loyal audience)


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From the Publisher

The Modern Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary With Flashcards & Workbook

  • Written by board-certified dermatologist & chief scientific officer of leading beauty clinical skincare brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals
  • Cosmetic formulation secrets of medical-grade skincare
  • Novel teaching approach on skincare ingredients for true mastery
  • Adapted for practical referencing for cosmetic/beauty entrepreneurs
  • Includes access to video workshop on cosmetic ingredients for aestheticians and at-home treatments (3 hours)

Skincare ingredients 101

Traditional skincare dictionaries are outdated. Learn from the expert herself how to truly become a skincare professional—ditch rote learning for true mastery. Learn concepts fast with mind maps, flashcards and colorful visuals.

Ethnobotany Pearls

Dr.TWL offers an insider peek at never-before revealed formulation secrets behind one of Asia’s top clinical skincare brands.

How Custom Formulations Work

Understand key differences with mass-produced vs custom formulations, important cosmetic science principles behind custom set-up i.e. raw materials, GMP certifications, product efficacy.

Interactive Learning Approach With Full Color Workbook

Focus on the key skincare ingredients to know—Dr.TWL’s Skin Masters Program offers a step-by-step guided syllabus that emphasises true mastery of skincare ingredients, vs the traditional skincare dictionary style. Become a skincare coach—forget short term memory work, with this novel learning approach, the knowledge you acquire will stick with you.

Skincare Ingredients & Formulations Made Easy

Self-testing system with visual aides and quick reference charts make learning a breeze.

Brain Gym For Beauty Lovers

No heavy lifting required. This optimised interactive learning program with a guided workbook is created for all levels. Outstanding visuals with mind-map method worksheets for memory. Get access to 1-page content blueprints and summaries for quick recap.

Skincare Ingredient Flashcards

Cut-out flashcards make learning fun! Get confident with a self-testing system.

Sip A Cocktail While Learning?

Master skincare ingredients effortlessly with Dr.TWL’s personal formulation notes.

Ingredient workbook with blank space for writing & note-taking

Consolidate your knowledge and personalise your own visuals with full-color diagrams and charts.