Eczema Itch Relief Cream Balm – Dermatologist Formulated Itch Relief Ointment

This powerful itch relief cream balm delivers immediate relief and long-term results from frustrating flare-ups with all-natural botanicals. Microcrystalline vehicle formulated with blend of 10 different skin barrier repair anti-inflammatory plant oils. Infused with Salmon Roe DNA and Vitamin E for skin regeneration and wound healing. 



  • Treat unsightly, flaky skin 
  • Instant itch relief
  • Calms redness and sensitivity

The crystals will dissolve upon contact with skin temperature, massage gently to relief itch and exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal baby smooth, soft skin

How does the itch relief cream balm work?

The microcrystal texture alleviates itchy sensation when massaged in, following which it dissolves into a serum upon contact for immediate absorption. Delivers instant relief and calms irritated skin. Break the itch-scratch cycle with this dermatologist formulated itch relief balm.

Dermatologist Formulated 

  • Eczema therapy balm
  • Night-time itch relief
  • For instant itch relief of dry, inflamed skin
  • With soothing phytoceramides and encapsulated microcrystalline plant oils 

Steroid-free, Chemical Additive-free, Fragrance-free. 

Directions for use: Best for spot treatment for instant itch relief. Just a small amount is needed. Apply liberally over affected area as often as needed. Rub in and massage gently onto area of flaky skin until crystals dissolve. For intensive treatment and night time itch prevention, use with multi ceram barrier repair cream liberally. 

Eczema Itch Relief Cream Balm

This eczema itch relief cream is formulated with a unique moisture-lock system. The formulation utilises the layered structure of crystalline wax to infuse up to 10 botanical anti-inflammatory actives to nourish dry skin. The result? Long-lasting barrier repair that blocks transepidermal water loss, treating the root cause of eczema flare-ups. Phytoceramides strengthen the skin barrier, preventing allergen entry that causes irritation. 

Eczema itch relief cream

Ultra-potent formula provides instant itch relief for eczema-prone skin. Designed for 4-way barrier repair with crystalline micro-occlusion technology for deep penetration into the skin barrier. Encapsulated microcrystals release 10 different plant oils upon application, providing an immediate anti-inflammatory effect to soothe irritated skin. Ideal for night-time itch relief. Prevent and treat dry skin and eczema symptoms with with on-the-go steroid-free balm.

Eczema Itch Relief Cream Break the Itch Scratch Cycle

A novel dermatologist-designed that counters itch with microcrystalline encapsulation technology. 100% irritation-free solid microcrystals simulate the scratch relief reflex when applied on skin. As users massage in the crystals, simultaneously infuse ultra-nourishing emollient actives that soothe inflammation. The most comprehensive eczema itch relief cream-balm targets root causes of itch and effectively breaks the itch-scratch cycle. 

Itch Relief Cream Balm infused with Steroid-Free Anti-Inflammatory Complex

10 Potent Plant Oils Encapsulated: Butyrospermum Parkii, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Beeswax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Macadamia, Ternifolia Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Olive Oil 

3-in-1 Action Eczema Itch Relief Cream


An eczema itch relief cream balm that heals the root cause of itch in just 1 application. Based on the science of wet-wrap therapy, the 100% botanical formulation utilises an interlocking moisture network for itch relief. By targeting the three key factors of itch: 

  • microcrystal texture alleviates itchy sensation when massaged in
  • dissolves into a serum upon contact for immediate absorption 
  • calms irritated skin

Break the itch-scratch cycle 

Banish unsightly flaky skin and itch with this dermatologist formulated itch relief balm. This ointment delivers intense anti-inflammatory effects and exfoliates without damaging the skin barrier. Nourishes the skin layers from the outside in with unique microcrystalline wax formula for instant itch relief.

No More Itch Eczema Therapy


Suffer from night-time itch? Here’s how to sleep better.

Skin-soothing 100% natural-ingredient derived balm that immediately calms, relieves eczema symptoms of dryness, itching and irritation. Our highly effective Eczema Itch Relief Cream-Balm provides the ultimate salve for quick relief of itch and dryness symptoms. Dermatologist formulated for eczema sufferers, our proprietary blend is clinically tested to relieve itch, with instant barrier repair superiorly moisturizes dry, cracked skin, & calms inflamed skin. Our gentle formula is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. 

Eczema Skin Healing Barrier

Are you feeling itchy despite using moisturiser?

The itch sensation is one of the most unbearable sensations, and the need to scratch is real! Dermatologists typically recommend patting in your moisturiser as an alternative to scratching, but here’s the best way to relieve itchy skin instantly. The microcrystalline texture of our eczema relief balm is a one-of-a-kind formulation that provides itch relief as it simulates the scratch-relief effect by actually allowing you to “scratch” your skin. 

Eczema Itch Relief Cream-Balm: Ultra-nourishing layered concentrate mimics wet-wrap therapy, creating a micro environment ideal for wound healing. The steroid-free anti-inflammatory complex effectively relives symptoms of itch upon application. Just a small amount is sufficient to soothe inflamed skin.

Goodbye Itchy Skin Eczema Therapy

A novel eczema itch relief cream balm that utilises a proprietary microcrystal complex to deliver immediate relief for itchy skin. The ideal night-time itch relief balm with phytoceramides and anti-inflammatory plant oil infusion intensely moisturizes while you sleep & provides immediate itch relief that lasts.

Eczema Itch Relief Cream Balm  Value Triple Bundle

Get the value pack of 3 tubs for the best savings. The product bundle is ideal for those who suffer from chronic itch. Keep one in the refrigerator in the day for night time application to boost the anti-inflammatory effects of the product. 

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