Cult Beauty Bag- Heart Earrings, Jade Roller, Oil Blotting Linen, Blender, Eyelash Extensions & Blush

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Jade Roller Rose Quartz

For use with Elixir-V™ Total Recovery Serum and Radiancé Fluide™ Hydrating Emulsion Sleeping Mask.

Start with the bottom of the face—specifically the center of the chin—and work your way up, rolling outward across the jaw and up toward the ear. Using light pressure, perform similar outward and upward strokes from the centre of the face and forehead towards the sides and work upwards from the décolleté.

For acne scars and pigmentation, use the small roller head to roll over the affected area for 30 seconds before application of Elixir-V™ Total Recovery Serum. 

[Precautions] Not to use on areas with active inflamed acne, eczema and rosacea. Consult your dermatologist if in doubt.

[Care] After each use, wash in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly before storage.

Anti-Inflammatory Oil Blotting Linen

Dr.TWL Cosmeceutical Blender™ – Smart Beauty Blender Alternative SofSmooth™ Airbrush Finish

Liquid foundations, concealer and contouring

[Use wet] Wet sponge, squeeze dry, then stipple. Powder bronzers, blush and highlighters. Alternatively, spray our Mineral BoosterTM on the sponge for a more flawless look.

[Use dry] Dip small amount (you only need half the usual amount for a natural, translucent finish) to apply, build layers if required by tapping, then pat gently  to allow for natural flawless finish.

Lash Brilliance Eyelash Extensions [Date Night]

How to apply the magnetic lashes:

  1. Place the top eyelash on top of your natural pre-curled lashes and hold its outer edge as close as possible to the outer corner of your natural lash line.
  2. Using your other hand, bring the bottom lash strip underneath your natural eye lash such that it aligns with the outer edge of the top strip. Their magnets will instantly fasten together, hence securing your natural lashes between the two strips
  3. Then bring another bottom lash strip such that it connects to the inner edge of the long lash strip. Ensure both corners are secure.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other eye.

Read more here.

Cosmeceutical Cream Blush

Use with Dr.TWL Cosmeceutical Blender™ – Smart Beauty Blender Alternative SofSculptor™ Airbrush Finish


Jade Roller Rose Quartz

[Material] Certified 100% Grade AAA Rose Quartz guaranteed. Individual raw quartz pieces harvested from Brazil. Twelve hours of pure machine polishing to produce the smoothest stones for use on the face, including the delicate undereye. Hand-selected by skilled artisans. Dermatologist approved. 

Heart Stud Earrings

[Hypoallergenic] Reduce sensitisation(allergy) risk
[Nickel-Free] Lab-tested compliant
[Tarnish Proof] Optimal maintenance

[Material] Made from 100% implant quality 316L surgical/medical grade stainless steel.

Anti-Inflammatory Oil Blotting Linen

Dr.TWL Cosmeceutical Blender™ – Smart Beauty Blender Alternative SofSmooth™ Airbrush Finish

All Skin Types

Concealor, CC cream, Liquid/Powder Foundation

Recommended for use with our CC Cream.

Lash Brilliance Eyelash Extensions [Date Night]

Advanced Biomimetic Fibre Technology

Dermatologist Approved


100% Chemical/Glue-Free

Cosmeceutical Cream Blush


Jade Roller Rose Quartz

[Increased cosmeceutical absorption] Using the massage roller before application of cosmeceuticals would increase the skincare absorption, leading to better effects on aging. A peer-reviewed study1 published in a medical journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine led by author Miyaji Akane at the Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and colleagues at Tokyo Healthcare University and the Research and Development Center, MTG Co. Ltd. in 2019 had examined the effects of using a facial roller on facial skin and blood flow. The study concluded that there was significantly increased vascular (blood vessel) dilation with use of the facial massage roller.

[Ergonomic, noise-free use] No surface treatments or chemicals are used to ensure skin safety. The metal frame is a durable integrated (not soldered), triple-coated rose gold electroplated zinc alloy to prevent oxidation or rusting. The handle has been modified from the traditional style to be more ergonomic. A silicone insert is incorporated into our design for noise-free use.

[Cooling effect] Natural skin cooling effect without refrigeration unlike synthetic rollers.

Read more about the use of jade facial rollers to enhance skincare absorption here.

Heart Stud Earrings

It is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin individuals, as well as those with nickel allergy. It is dermatologist approved for pierced ears and other pierced parts of the human body. It has been strictly tested to be compliant under laboratory conditions to have a nickel release value <0.25μg/cm2/week. Wearing such jewellery is clinically proven to reduce risk of sensitisation(allergy) to nickel throughout one’s lifetime. Anti-Inflammatory Oil Blotting Linen

Infused with Natural Plant Seed Oil

[Anti-Redness] [Anti-Bacterial]

[Skin-Soothing] [Anti-Oxidant]

[Regulates Oil Production]

Dermatologist-Approved For Seborrheic/Oily/Acne-prone Skin

Dr.TWL Cosmeceutical Blender™ – Smart Beauty Blender Alternative SofSmooth™ Airbrush Finish

Microfibrillar Technology

Dermatologist Approved

[Antimicrobial] Acne-Prone Skin

[Ultra-fine Fibres] Sensitive Skin, Anti-aging

[Hypoallergenic] Allergy, Latex free

Read more about the benefits here.

Lash Brilliance Eyelash Extensions [Date Night]

[Natural Look] 0.1mm fine hair diameter mimics average human hair

[Comfortable All-Day Wear] Natural Lash-Feel

[Biomimetic PBT fibre] Resistant to wear

[Synthetic] Cruelty-free

Cosmeceutical Cream Blush

[Advanced Colour Science] The colour shades of this palette are perfectly customized for you according to your preferred shade/skin one recommendation, based on our trademarked Pi- algorithm developed in conjunction with makeup artists.

[Long-Lasting] 100% Pure Mineral Pigment

[FDA Approved Mineral Colorants] for Eyes & Cheeks

[Chemical Preservative-Free] [Paraben Free]

[Dr.TWL’s Proprietary Mix of Plant Oils] Anti-acne, Anti-sebum

[Moisturising] Infused with proprietary blend of antibacterial, anti-oxidant and moisturising plant seed oils

[Natural UV-Block] Mineral Titanium Dioxide-Rich Formula

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