Beat Brain Fog! Dot-to-Dot Reverse Coloring Book for Neuroplasticity Mind Map with Colors Brain Game for Mental Wellness

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Phygital* Edition

Why You Will Love This: This Dot-to-Dot Coloring Book with Reverse Coloring will Free Your Mind and Emotions

Q4 2022 Launch Bonus: 36 instant downloadable PDF* for self-printing for experimenting with phygital art combining traditional media, digital finger art renderings and virtual reality. Enjoy infinite renditions and frame your masterpiece.

“Sometimes, we can only draw the lines and connect the dots at the end of the journey” — Dr.TWL

*High resolution download and special effects monochrome printable art optimised for home printers.

Paperback Edition:



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BEST COLORING BOOK FOR: Mental Clarity & Fatigue; Burn-out; Memory; Depression; Anxiety; Problem Solving

CATEGORY: Adult Women; Teen Girls; Self-Help; Self-Portrait; Brain Game Puzzle Workbook; Mental Wellness; Cognition;


Dot-to-Dot Color in Reverse with a Phygital Coloring Book 

This unique dot-to-dot coloring book is different!

  • Reverse Color on a Printed Mannequin’s Face
  • Use Dots and Circles with Organic Guiding Paths For an Imaginative Escape Route

  • Inspired By the Path of a Migrating Monarch Butterfly
  • Paths Designed to Create an Illusion of Mental Escape from Stress, Worries, Anxieties
  • Harnesses Visual Memory Skills & Out-Of-The-Box Problem Solving
  • Mind-Map with Colors -Mimics Intuitive Brain Connections
  • Freely express with ink, pencil, pastel, and even your fingertips on your tablet

A Unique Dot-to-Dot Coloring Book Based on Cognitive Science Psychology

  • Uses Imagination Therapy Method By Dr.TWLTM for neuroplasticity, creativity, relaxation, stress relief and painful emotions like depression, anxiety and anger

  • 101-page immersive Dot-To-Dot Reverse Coloring book
  • 36 original 4-D full color artworks created for the metaverse
  • Includes 13 REVERSE COLOR DOT-TO-DOT activity print on white for journaling and reflections
  • Reverse color on the face of a meditating metaverse mannequin
  • Different sizes of dots, patterns and paths for creative expression
  • Vivid aura colors representing inner world thoughts and emotions

Get the 101 page printed ink gift edition for single sided bleed resistant full color illustrations perfect for framing and displaying your finished masterpiece.

* *Both E-book and Paperback versions come with password protected access to downloadable PDF for phygital coloring on tablet interface.

Reverse Coloring with Dot-to-Dot Coloring Book Concept

  • Combines Innovative Methods of Coloring to encourage neuroplasticity
  • Improves memory, mental clarity, creativity
  • Intuitive approach with naive art and abstract art suitable for all skill levels 
  • Finished masterpiece is always beautiful with organic lines and shapes

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