Dermatologist Designed Anti-aging Solution: ELIXIR-V

It is often said that people see the beauty through your eyes. This upcoming festive season only comes once a year. Take this opportunity to shower yourself and your loved ones with care and remind them that they are beautiful, inside and out. Our skincare brand, DrTWL Dermaceuticals Elixir-V solution is dermatologist formulated, tested and recommended by our very own dermatologist, Dr Teo Wan Lin. It consists of a serum and an anti-aging eye cream that lifts and plumps your skin while you sleep, which prevents eye wrinkles – helping your eyes to shine like the Christmas stars. Hydration, lifting, skin-tightening, collagen formation and regeneration. All these anti-aging effects are main benefits of the Elixir-V. With the Elixir-V serum and eye cream, these products complement each other to help you achieve the perfect V-face look.


The Elixir-V total recovery serum is an intensely nourishing concentrate which mainly hydrates, lifts and contains tightening peptides. The active ingredients used are LareceaTM for regeneration, resveratrol which is an anti-oxidant, potent oligopeptides for lifting and repair and hyaluronic acid for hydration.


The LareceaTM extract is a special ingredient that was developed by Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. Backed by research and evidence, this ingredient was developed in a laboratory and is a botanical extract from Brassica oleracea (cruciferous plant species) mixed with a special formula of amino acids. It has proven to have anti-aging effects by increasing collagen production, provides protection against UV rays and serve as a powerful anti-oxidant. These substances are obtained from the purest extracts. With multiple functions, LareceaTM is our unique and trademarked ingredient and used in the Elixir-V solution to regenerate the skin, reversing aging signs.

Resveratrol Anti-oxidant

Resveratrol is a phytoalexin anti-oxidant found in red grapes. It has proven to have chemopreventive and therapeutic benefits against many skin disorders and diseases. This ingredient can protect your skin against UV rays and skin damage. It has preventive effects against a wide variety of skin disorders like aging and lowers the risk of skin cancer. Solar UV radiation is a major factor of skin disease and cancer. Another worrying fact about skin cancer is that it has been observed to correlate with other cancer types. Epidemiological observations show an increased risk of other cancer types in people who had skin cancer history. With such dire consequences of UV-rays, the resveratrol can effectively protect your skin from UV radiation which is essential in anti-aging and decreasing risk of skin cancer.

In many studies, resveratrol has been proven to act as an anti-oxidant, promote anti-initiation, anti-promotion, anti-progression activities of potential cancer cells, counter anti-inflammatory effects, and more. This ingredient has been strongly recommended to be an agent to manage cancer, especially skin cancer. Based on many studies, there are promising outcomes related to the effectiveness of resveratrol’s photoprotection against skin cancer. The prospects of resveratrol are bright in using it to combat skin diseases, UV-light mediated skin aging, skin cancer and other inflammatory disorders. This ingredient is highly suitable for skin use as it works well against high oxidative stress that skin cells encounter frequently. Being an anti-oxidant, it reverses the skin aging process.


The oligopeptide molecule is another special ingredient and a favourite of dermatologists to anti-age the skin. We used it to replace retinol which has been commonly known to cause skin irritation. The peptides are specially derived using sophisticated biotechnology without human or animal origins. These oligopeptides can repair and lift your skin which contributes to anti-aging effects.

Hyaluronic acid

As we age, our skin loses the tendency to preserve moisture. This will cause our skin to decrease in firmness and plumpness. Hyaluronic Acid serves as anti-aging moisturiser and has the ability to help the skin to replenish moisture and hydrate our skin. It works to keep every aspect of our skin stable, renewed and hydrated. Its main function is to hydrate due to its ability to attract and hold extensive amounts of moisture. Other benefits of hyaluronic acid include being an anti-oxidant.


Ever looked in the mirror and thought “My eye wrinkles are becoming more obvious each day”?

The Elixir-V Eyes is an eye cream that is meant to prevent dark eye circles, excessive puffiness of the eyes and eye wrinkles. Like the Elixir-V serum, it contains potent oligopeptides used for lifting and repair and our signature LareceaTM extract for regeneration. An additional ingredient is niacinamide, used for brightening. While the Elixir-V serum is meant for the skin, the Elixir-V Eyes is focused on protecting the beauty of your eyes. We believe that your eyes are the most noticeable and beautiful parts of your face. Hence, it is meant to anti-age the sensitive skin around your eyes.


Apart from oligopeptides and the  LareceaTM extract, Elixir-V Eyes has an additional ingredient – Niacinamide. It is also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid. It is very effective in skin-restoring and has multiple benefits. Some benefits are improving appearance of pores, wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tones and strengthen your skin surface. Niacinamide improves the appearance of your eyes, giving you a youthful look by containing anti-aging properties.

Some of us may have insane work or school schedules that require us to burn the midnight oil. Having a lack of sleep seems to be the norm these days. We might not even have time to double-cleanse and take good care of our skin. Our busy schedules takes a toll on our skin health, resulting in facial wrinkles and can even catalyse the skin-aging process. Both the Elixir-V serum and eye cream strive to give you a youthful appearance by containing anti-aging properties with other multiple beneficial functions for your skin. As a complementary solution, the Elixir-V serum reverses anti-aging effects of your general facial skin while Elixir-V eyes aims to protect the sensitive skin area around your eyes – helping them to shine bright like the star on top of a christmas tree. With better skin appearance and health, it contributes to our mental well-being, allowing you to be full of radiance, inside and out.

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