I am so excited to share our custom makeup lab offerings. We are the only pharmacy that we know of that offers customised makeup for sensitive skin. Lipsticks, serums, glosses, blush, loose powder, foundation, you name it. The best part is that the makeup is formulated with active cosmeceuticals that repair, heal and rejuvenate skin. As a science-based makeup formulary, we stock the top evidence-based active ingredients for skincare which we infuse into our makeup colours. Our conscious beauty arm also caters for vegan lifestyles so feel free to let us know your preferences.

Visit our Custom Makeup Lab for your customised lip stick, gloss or palette experience. Check out our Happy Blush Lip-Cheek Stain, our bestseller! Customised CC creams for sensitive skin available for all skin tones.


We all know how finding the right shade of foundation is hard especially for asian skin tones. Did you know that there are 6 primary shades of skin tones categorised under the Fitzpatrick phototypes according to dermatologists? But there are actually infinite shades and undertones in between. The customised CC Cream that our pharmacy offers is the perfect solution for those who want a perfect match for their foundation.

The CellTalk CC cream is engineered with Dr.TWL’s proprietary Advanced Colour Science technology, as the final step of colour correction, to ensure a smooth, even, natural and luminous finish. Customise your serum foundation with plant actives from our formulary.


Welcome to Beauty Metaverse! Imagine customising your favourite lip colour in a lipserum, gloss or lipstick. Here in the Metaverse, we make it possible. What’s more, our makeup lab specialises in using cosmeceutical active ingredients that heal and nourish your skin and lips when you apply the skincare makeup. What are you waiting for? Come on, follow me and sail to the Beauty Metaverse!

Virtual Custom LipSerum Stick

Customise your own shade of lip colour now!


Our Color Correction Concealer Service is one of our best-sellers in the pharmacy. The all-time favourite starts with the Duo Colour Correction Set, tailored for one specific concern, which can be upgraded for a full set of Colour Correction Concealers. Perfect for dark eye circles, acne spots, pigmentation, sensitive red skin, rosacea, this formula is developed by our team to soothe skin inflammation and at the same time conceal imperfections while your skin heals

Do you yearn for the perfect concealor? Our advanced Colour Science System applies algorithmic titrations of mineral pigments and natural luminescence to counteract your skin blemishes. Book your Dream Concealer™- Color Correction Service here.