Best Fabric for Sensitive Skin- LyoSilk™

Welcome to Dr.TWL’s Fabric Paradise! Here, we have a selection of luxury textiles engineered for optimal skin comfort, breathability which are also elegant and simply beautiful. In fact, LyoSilk™ is our speciality silk derived from 100% plant silk, cruelty-free and also incorporating thermal regulating properties designed to counteract Singapore’s heat and humidity. If you suffer from eczema, body acne or skin sensitivity, you would have experienced how uncomfortable most garments and textiles are in Singapore’s climate. Essentially LyoSilk™ garments allow for maximum skin breathability which means it allows an optimal skin environment for temperature regulation, airflow, moisture wicking and zero friction. Unlike cotton or other plant-based fabrics, LyoSilk™ has a silk-like sheen and softness engineered as a luxury textile for the discerning.

Our in-house classic dress design is an iconic multi-way scarf dress which can be worn in at least 9 different ways for a unique look each time. It’s part of our fashion sustainability efforts for the wardrobe minimalist and also the maximalist. The cut and drape of the dress celebrates femininity with an auto-adjusting fitted waist that accommodates 2 dress sizes, depending on whether you would like a looser or a closer fit. Our iconic broad silk scarf allows you to create a beautiful, dramatic bow worn at the neck, waist or hip and can also be draped for a sleeker, more understated chic silhouette.

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Wear the LyoSilk™ Multi-way Dress in Coral Red anyway you like for a different look each time- unique coral red shade chosen to enhance Asian skin tones for natural beauty

LyoSilk™ Multi-way Dress in Mustard is a limited edition series finished with a luxurious digital print of a painting of Royal Cranes by Dr. Teo Wan Lin, in a traditional chinese watercolor style known as ”Xieyi”.

LyoSilk™ Multi-way Dress in Dove Grey. Our quality guarantee— our dresses are made from authentic LyoSilk™, from 100% sustainable plant cellulose fibres, our proprietary textile technology from Dr. TWL Biomaterials which are laboratory tested to be anti-microbial, sweat-wicking and cooling.

Now, we are moving onto our preferred sleepwear textile. Our unisex kimono is engineered from 100% CUIONS™ silk with impregnated copper nanoparticles tested for anti-ageing and anti-bacterial effects on skin. If you suffer from body acne or eczema, wearing CUIONS™ for at least 8 hours every night ensures treatment of the skin microbiome. This restores your skin to normal bacteria balances without the harmful effects of antibiotics. In studies conducted on eczema patients, metallic nano-textiles improved the eczema outcome and sleep comfort for patients. The copper nanoparticles impregnated simulate the natural copper composition of silk with added benefits of higher concentrations to stimulate collagen growth as you sleep.

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CUIONS Anti-Aging Kimono

The unisex Anti-Aging Kimono in CUIONS™ Gold features a nanoparticle integrated biofunctional textile woven into a luxurious garment with minimal seams for ultimate skin comfort and breathability.