The Millennial Essential: Facial mist

More than just a spritz bottle of water.

Face mists, contrary to popular belief, is more than just distilled Evian for your face. Besides having water as its major component, a potent facial mist should contain active ingredients that go beyond just refreshing the visage: antioxidants to fight free radical damage, humectants to retain moisture etc. For instance, Dr.TWL’s Mineral Booster is made with purified deep sea water that brimming with minerals. Within the liquid, a suspension of skin calming and reparative active ingredients help calm angry skin and restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Potent plant root extracts work in tandem with sunscreens to offer an enhanced UV-protection. Like its name, the Mineral Booster also boost absorption of other skincare products, thus making it an excellent addition to your night time regime.

Uses for facial mists are aplenty. It can be used as a toner after cleansing, give dehydrated skin an extra surge of moisture, soothe and refresh irritated skin on a hot day. Besides boasting a multitude of skincare benefits, facial mists could also help makeup application a much smoother process. A quick spritz on a Beauty Blender before applying foundation could thin out any heavy matte foundation for a dewy yet flawless finish and increase its adherence and longevity. Plagued with eyeshadow fallouts? Dousing your brush or finger with your favourite face mist before dipping into the pan could increase vibrancy of the pigments. Suffering from a caked face? Foundation accentuating your dry patches? Just reset your makeup with it with a generous spritz and blot away.

Quick and extremely easy to use, it’s no wonder face mists are becoming staples on our bathroom counters and makeup pouches.

By Shelton Chang