Multi Ceram Moisturizer

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What are the complete ingredients in the Multi Ceram Moisturizer

Dr. Teo Wan Lin Answered question June 24, 2021

This moisturiser is formulated as a Prescription Emollient Device (PED), the gold standard in eczema management and also the optimal moisturizer for barrier protection against maskne. The key ingredients include:

  1. Phytoceramides – these are plant seed oil derived sources of ceramide that directly repair the skin barrier
  2. Glycerin – acting as a humectant to prevent trans-epidermal water loss
  3. Plant Seed Oils – help in anti-cellulite
  4. Ceramide 1 (EOP) which is significantly deficient in eczema patients and Ceramide 3 (NP) which is linked to the trans-epidermal water loss experienced in eczema patients. 
  5. Sodium Hyaluronate – a natural component of the skin for skin hydration
  6. Ceramide complex (ceramides, cholesterol & FFA) which delivers ceramides topically in optimal ratios to aid in the reinforcement of the recovery of the skin barrier. 
Dr. Teo Wan Lin Answered question June 24, 2021
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