Prescriptive Skin-Acne Treatment

This is a custom compounded order that takes approximately 3 working days to be prepared.


[VOLUME] 10ml

Comes with 1 x MoistureMax Skin Healing Polysaccharide Mask worth $35 (washable and reusable over 5-7 days)


Organic Berberine Extract

Targets mechanisms in acne formation
      Blocks androgen/sebum production

Treats acne scarring, erythema, post-inflammation hyperpigmentation
      Inhibits melanin formation
      Combats oxidative stress

*Not for those with G6PD deficiency

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Ideal for maskne treatment under face mask. Zero irritation formula, safe on fabrics.

✅Antibiotic-free acne cream
✅Suitable for sensitive skin
✅Effective for all types of acne including adult and hormonal acne

Natural Acne Treatment: Berberine
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When skin is damp, apply liberal palm size amount over entire face. Apply rehydrated MoistureMax Polysaccharide Mask for 10 minutes and remove. This is a leave-on formula and should not be washed off. Pat in excess over rest of face and neck. Use twice a day for two weeks for optimal treatment results. Can also be used with the Home Medi-Facial Kit.

I have not used berberine before. Do I start with 5% or 10%?
It is recommended to start with 5% berberine. There are no known irritation side effects with berberine extracts however we recommend building the dosage gradually.

I have used berberine 5% for the first month and my acne has improved. Do I need to increase to 10%?
We recommend to increase to 10% berberine to maximise the effects on acne. As acne is an inflammatory condition, berberine can help to reduce skin inflammation and it also blocks the male hormone testosterone. We recommend increasing to 10% after 1 month of use and maintaining it for daily use until your acne has gone away.

I am currently on oral treatment for acne with a dermatologist. Can I use berberine?
Yes, berberine is compatible with oral medical treatment for acne however we do not recommend that you mix berberine with any other topical anti-acne creams such as retinoids, benzoyl/benzoyl peroxide or sulfur as this can reduce the effectiveness of berberine. These traditional acne creams have irritation side effects.

I am a regular user of the berberine face mask. Is there a discount available?
We recommend you subscribe to the 360° conscious mask bar by the pharmacy for best value bundles which ensures you get your berberine prescriptives delivered to your doorstep every 3 months. On top of that, you are eligible for free gifts of the polysaccharide mask and amino acid masque which also helps in calming inflamed skin like in rosacea, eczema and acne as well as the bimodal mask bar.

Will concentrations of active berberine ingredient be increased for my next order?

Congratulations on completing your first mask bar subscription! We start with 5% berberine concentrations in our mask bar formulation option, thereafter at completion we will recommend to increase* the strength to 10%, with a recommended increase of 5% every 3 months up to a maximum of 25%.

*compounding fee of $30 (before gst) for each increase of 5% concentration applicable. When you complete your renewal for the mask bar, key in order notes “request to increase berberine concentration”. Separate payment link will be sent for the compounding fee of $30 (before gst).


Chelsea your virtual dermatology physician assistant at Dr.TWL Pharmacy explains how Berberine works.

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