The Conscious Rose DIY LIP KIT

Custom Lipstick Maker – Stick Form

This is a custom compounded order that takes approximately 3 working days to be prepared.

Leader in lipstick making supplies 

As the premier dermatologist-led custom makeup lab worldwide since 2019,  Dr.TWL Custom Lip Lab was featured in various media including Cosmetics Design Asia for its innovative approach to makeup for skin of color. Our signature lip base behind the best-selling Lip Serum Stick is now available as bulk base purchase in quantities of 100g or 500g. 


[Conscious Beauty] By Dr.TWL

[Cosmeceutical Lip Serum Base]
1 X full-sized refill
[Reusable Lip Kit Silicone Mould] With Rose -shaped Tip
[Polypropylene Stand] with Aluminum Ring
[Silvexia Lipstick Case] Eco-Conscious
[Pigment Pre-mix with 1 Lab Modifier] High Intensity Pure Mineral Lip Pigments

Limited time deal: with any purchase of 500g cosmeceutical base inclusive 1 X palette and lipstick kit at $120, get a full video custom makeup formulation for professionals instructional course and online color training system worth $99 for free. Use code <LIPKITfreecourse> in order notes. Online course delivery date from 15.3.24 onwards to email account registered for purchase.

Make your own lipstick workshop with supplies and video course

Our signature lip base is packed with potent antioxidant and barrier repair actives like phytoceramides for all-round lip conditioning, instant lip plumping and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Perfect alternative for those who have allergies to lipsticks or lip eczema. Fortified with Salmon Roe DNA for an added anti-aging effect by boosting collagen production. 

100% Edible, Ready to Use Formulation with 8 Different Plant Oils sans Chemical Additives 

  • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Beeswax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil
  • 100% Natural Preservative Vitamin E for maximum stability, shelf-life 3years*

*once packaging is opened it is recommended to refrigerate the product and use within 12 months. Freezable formula, deep-freeze for storage up to 5 years under ideal conditions. Tub packaging for bulk 100g and 500g purchase may vary subject to availability.

Included in course: How to Make

  • Custom lipstick-blush stick
  • Lip-cheek tints 
  • Lip-stains 

All supplies provided in one single order the only things you require are any microwave safe container or bowl for mixing and stirring, microwave oven OR regular stove heating will do. 

What does my Lipstick Making System kit contain?

With 100g Lip Base Set 

Rose Lip Kit

[Reusable Lip Kit Silicone Mould] With Rose -shaped Tip
[Polypropylene Stand] with Aluminum Ring
[Silvexia Lipstick Case] Eco-Conscious
[Pigment Pre-mix with 1 Lab Modifier] High Intensity Pure Mineral Lip Pigments
Mixing-Applicator Precision Wand 

With 500g Lip Base Set

Rose Lip Kit  PLUS

Complete Play Palette Kit

  1. 1 X Silvexia Play Magnetic Palette 
  2. 8 Large Metal tins 
  3. 7 Small Mixing tins
  4. Mineral pigments in base colors, red, blue and yellow (FDA approved for lips and eye area)
  5. 5 X Topper pigments i.e. gold, silver, pearl etc. 
  6. Mixing Wand


100% Mineral Pigments Without Bulking Agents
Bismuth Oxychloride(BMO)/Talc-free
FDA Eye/Lip Approved

[Cosmeceutical Base]

Phytoceramides [All-day Hydration]
DNALIP™ [Anti-Wrinkle, Regeneration]
Vitamin E [Natural Anti-oxidant]
100% Pure Mineral Pigment [Long-Lasting]


[The Pi-π Effect] [Advanced Colour Science]
Our lip colours have a one-of-a-kind, stunning finish. Our Advanced Colour Science System applies algorithmic titrations of mineral pigments and natural luminescence to your chosen lip colour. This gives a subtle, flattering finish that varies with lighting throughout the day, taking you from office to date-night.

[The Magic] Solid-state lipstick at room temperature melts at body temperature upon application into a smooth, light & fresh lip serum.

[Long-Lasting] As the pigment used is 100% mineral, with no added bulking agents, colour lasts all day without frequent touch-ups.

[Cosmeceutical Effect] DNA, phytoceramide formula prevents lip discolouration, wrinkles and loss of volume associated with UV-damage and ageing.

[Packaging] Silvexia™ UV-Protective Silver coating on tube prevents degradation of clinically active ingredients, ensuring optimum cosmeceutical function.


Experiment to achieve your #DREAMLIPS with our AI Lip Stain Mixer guide.

Our LIP KIT lets you create any shade of lip color, in a full lipstick size on your own. It is part of the conscious beauty effort by Dr.TWL focusing on reducing plastic packaging waste and on sustainable beauty. The LipStick Mould is engineered from reusable 100% food grade silicone, with our signature rosette tip as a symbol of eco-conscious beauty. The LipCase is coated with anodized UV-protective silver to protect active cosmeceuticals ingredients and is reusable for subsequent refill purchases.

Each kit comes with sufficient pigments for an entire LipSerum Stick in your chosen base colour, with one Lab Modifier to titrate to your desired intensity. Subsequent refills are sold separately.

How to titrate according to the color wheel 

Regardless of your skill level, this exclusive course offers a complete instruction on color titration based on our in-house Advanced Color Science System. The 500g lip base system kit contains all you need to become a color expert. The Play Palette allows you to experiment with our comprehensive set of base colors, with our formulators and titrators for fool-proof mixing first before you make your own lip color. The palette method allows you to mix small quantities and adjust carefully until you achieve the desired colour effects.

The Secret to High Definition Lip Color

This all in one formula allows you to achieve a variety of effects with just a single base, from the subtle “lip glow” effects to the K-beauty trend of water-balm texture lip stains, to the traditional high definition intense lip—complete with a precision wand applicator.